Aged White Cheddar

Take your time, aged white cheddar

Aged white cheddar cheese runs on its own time. It doesn't care if you're impatient, and it doesn't mind making you wait. That's because aged cheddar knows that every extra month or year of aging will pay off in spades when it comes to its tangy, sharp taste and flaky, crystalline texture. And just like all good things in life, the longer you wait for an aged white cheddar, the more you'll savor the flavor of this elder cheese.

In Wisconsin, we're always happy to wait for aged white cheddar. And because Wisconsin cheesemakers are among the world's best, we know our patience will be tastefully rewarded with an unforgettable cheese experience. In the meantime, we'll keep dreaming of all the ways to enjoy this magnificent beauty of a cheese.

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What to serve with aged white cheddar

Aged white cheddar is a cheese that can truly stand alone. But if you're pairing it on a charcuterie platter, try a little sticky sweetness – honey, homemade jams, and chutneys are all winners. Sweet pickles or pickled beets can match aged white cheddar's bold flavors. And a peppery green salad or a hearty soup will also make this cheddar happy.

For malt beverages, try something with a bit of sweetness like a cider, bock, saison ale, or Belgian ale. Single malt scotch and bourbon are right down this aged cheddar's alley. For white wine, try a riesling, chardonnay, or sparkling variety. The bold flavor of aged white cheddar can make a nice cabernet sauvignon pairing or zinfandel pairing. A syrah, pinot noir, or chianti can also fill the bill.

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FAQs: What is aged white cheddar?

What is aged white cheddar?

Aged white cheddar is a cheese produced through the cheddaring process but has not been dyed orange. To make cheddar cheese, cheesemakers first separate the curds from the whey and then form the curds into large blocks. The blocks are repeatedly stacked and flipped to release more whey and form a denser curd. The curd is eventually milled to produce smaller curds which can be pressed into molds to age. Cheddar cheese grows sharper in flavor the longer it ages. Mild cheddars are aged 3 to 6 months, while extra sharp cheddar cheese is aged up to 24 months or longer. Orange cheddar cheese is produced by adding a natural vegetable coloring, while white cheddar cheese retains the cheese's natural color.

What is cheddar jack cheese?

Cheddar jack is a hybrid cheese that's made with both cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses. Cheddar jack can be produced as a marbled cheese – where the curd from both cheeses is pressed into a single mold – or sold as a combination of shredded cheeses.

Are there instructions for how to make cheddar cheese at home?

While you can make cheddar cheese at home as the actual process is fairly straightforward – it takes a great deal of time to perfect the process and to allow the cheese to age for several months or years.

Wisconsin aged white cheddar is worth the wait

Next time you want a "Where has this cheese been all my life?" experience, try an aged white cheddar from Wisconsin. Take your time enjoying it – after all, your aged cheddar has been getting ready for this moment for quite a while. Savor the complex, tangy, pungent flavor. Cherish the crystalline cracks and feel the flaky texture. Now you know why aged white cheddar is considered a prince among cheeses.

If aged white cheddar is cheese royalty, an aged white from Wisconsin is truly the cream of the cheese crop. That's because Wisconsin cheesemakers are dedicated to making the tastiest, highest-quality cheese in the universe. And their plan seems to be working – they've won more awards for cheese than any other state or nation in the world.

So, when you're looking for an aged white cheddar that will impress the heck out of anyone, make sure it comes from Wisconsin. We promise you – it will be worth the wait.

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