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Awesome asadero cheese

Asadero cheese just may win the award for Best Baking Cheese. This off-white, semi-firm cheese originally from Northwest Mexico is a baker's dream – it melts easily to a creamy texture without giving off oil, even at the highest temperatures. Its light, fresh, tangy taste will remind you of fresh mozzarella, and it's a staple for making quesadillas in Mexico.

Actually, we think asadero cheese should be a staple in every kitchen. That's why we're thrilled that asadero is now made right here in Wisconsin. When you're ready to bake with this amazingly creamy creation, Wisconsin cheesemakers will be happy to hook you up with the best asadero cheese north of Chihuahua.

Take a spin through our website to learn more about asadero cheese and lots of other Mexican varieties made right here in Wisconsin. Get tips for the best cheese for a cheese board or for creating the perfect cracker and cheese tray. Or read on for tips on pairing awesome asadero cheese.

How to enjoy asadero cheese

Asadero cheese is about as flexible as they come. Shred it, grate it, or crumble it over nachos, tacos, or any Mexican dish for added tangy freshness. Asadero cheese was born to fill the poblano peppers in a chile relleno recipe, and it's perfect in the title role in chile con queso as well. We love to substitute it in any recipe that calls for monterey jack. And asadero cheese will add incredible creaminess to any slow cooker mac and cheese.

When pairing asadero cheese with beverages, go for the lighter stuff. Cava, pinot gris, or sauvignon blanc will treat asadero with respect. A pilsner, American pale lager or wheat ale will do nicely as well. And for liquor, a light rum will always fill the bill.

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FAQs: What is asadero cheese?

What is asadero cheese?

Asadero cheese is a mild, semi-soft cheese that's originally made in Northwest Mexico, particularly in the province of Chihuahua. Asadero is made with a special kneading and stretching process that gives the cheese a distinctive, stringy texture.

How is asadero cheese made?

Asadero cheese is made from cow's milk. After adding vegetable rennet or animal rennet to warm milk to separate the curd from the whey, cheesemakers knead the curd and pull it into long strings – a pasta filata technique that's also used to make mozzarella and oaxaca cheese. Finally, the cheese is salted or brined and left to age for a couple of weeks. Asadero is made with a straightforward recipe that can be easily reproduced when making cheese at home.

A cheese from Chihuahua that's made in Kaukauna?

How can cheesemakers so near to Canada master a cheese from Mexico?

Well, when it comes to asadero cheese, Wisconsin cheesemakers are just doing what they do best: taking recipes from all parts of the world and making them their own. For the past 180 years, our cheesemakers have been making cheddars, goudas, parmesans, and gruyères that are just as good Рand sometimes better Рthan the originals. Now, with asadero, they're applying their decades of experience to produce this cheese from Chihuahua right here in Wisconsin towns like Kaukauna, Baraboo, and Antigo.

It's all part of our mission to make the tastiest, highest-quality, most award-winning cheese on the planet – and to make more of it than anybody else. So far, we're knocking it out of the park on both fronts. Our cheesemakers produce 600+ varieties, styles, and flavors of cheese, and they've won more awards for it than any other state or nation in the world.

So, next time you're looking for asadero cheese, look north to Wisconsin. We'll fix you up with enough cheese to bake all the chile rellenos you can lay your hands on.

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