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Making the best-grilled cheese sandwich ever

It's the burning question asked by home chefs, college students, and cheese lovers everywhere: what's the best-grilled cheese recipe ever?

Short answer: it's the one you love the most. Long answer: the best-grilled cheese sandwich depends on your preference, on your playfulness for experimenting in the kitchen, and on your taste in bread, cheese, and sandwiches in general. For some, the best-grilled cheese sandwich is two slices of buttered white bread with a layer of Monterey Jack and not another ingredient in sight. For others, the best-grilled cheese recipe may be a mix of cheeses – oh, let's say baby swiss, butterkäse, and edam – on slices of sourdough slathered in mayo and topped with caramelized onions, roasted heirloom tomatoes, a few leaves of basil, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar glaze.

That's the great thing about grilled cheese – it's everybody's best friend. Do with it what you will, experiment as you please, and you'll always end up with a sandwich that's born to be a comfort to your soul.

Of course, if you're a fan of flavor, the best-grilled cheese sandwich will be made with Wisconsin cheese. We've got supermarket aisles full of super tasty, melty cheeses that turn a grilled cheese sandwich into a grilled cheese experience. So, when you're striking out to discover the best-grilled cheese ever, be sure to let Wisconsin cheese ride shotgun.

What's your best-grilled cheese recipe?

Not sure what your opinion is on the best-grilled cheese sandwich? Here are a few candidates for your consideration:

  • Ultimate Three-Cheese Grilled Cheese, with shredded cheddar, gouda, and hot pepper jack cheese over slices of firm buttered white bread.
  • The Captain's Classic Grilled Cheese, with a slice of aged cheddar between two slices of Texas toast, dipped in a mixture of eggs and evaporated milk, coated with lightly crushed Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch® cereal and toasted in a skillet.
  • Raspberry-Fontina Grilled Cheese, with fontina and mascarpone cheese topped with raspberry preserves between slices of brioche bread.
  • Mediterranean Grilled Cheese, with feta and mozzarella melted on slices of sourdough and topped with sliced Roma tomatoes, fresh baby spinach, and sliced ripe olives.
  • Green Lobster Grilled Cheese, with fontina and butterkäse cheese, guacamole, and cooked chopped lobster tossed with chimichurri sauce between slices of hearty white bread.
  • Breakfast Grilled Cheese, with colby, monterey jack, and cotija cheese and a layer of scrambled eggs and breakfast sausage on slices of day-old sourdough bread.

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FAQs: What's the best-grilled cheese recipe?

What's the best-grilled cheese recipe?

There is no worldwide consensus on the best way to make a grilled cheese sandwich. Fortunately, there's no need to find one. The joy of grilled cheese is the endless variations and combinations of bread, cheese, and other ingredients that one must try in search of the best-grilled cheese recipe ever.

Who invented grilled cheese?

No one knows. Humans have been melting cheese on bread for millennia. The classic American grilled cheese sandwich is a product of the early 20th century, when pasteurized cheese and pre-sliced loaves of bread became readily available, and were inexpensive enough for Depression-era families to inexpensively make grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.

How do you make the best-grilled cheese sandwich?

The best grilled cheese starts with using a ton of butter. Spreading it on the outside of the bread adds flavor and ensures it'll be golden brown The best-grilled cheese sandwich techniques are up for debate.. Toasting the bread a bit before adding the cheese helps to produce a crispier sandwich. Using multiple kinds of cheese adds additional flavor, and shredding the cheese helps it melt more quickly. Finally, toasting the bread at a low heat enables the cheese to fully melt before the bread is overly toasted.

Wisconsin makes the best-grilled cheese

Here's a cheese throwdown: when you want the best-grilled cheese sandwich, it's gotta be Wisconsin cheese. Hear us out, all you strongly opinionated cheese lovers.

Who makes more cheese than any other state or country? Wisconsin. Who's won more cheese awards than any other place on earth? Wisconsin, again. Who has the only Master Cheesemaker program in the world outside of the one in Switzerland? Say it with us: Wisconsin. Who is so obsessed with cheese that its inhabitants are called "cheeseheads?" Yeah, you know.

In Wisconsin, we've been making cheese since before we were a state. In those 175 years, our cheesemakers have not only mastered traditions but improved on them, making Wisconsin cheese the tastiest, most award-winning, highest-quality cheese in the universe.

So, a grilled cheese sandwich with Wisconsin cheese? It doesn't get any better than that.

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