Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Go big with extra sharp cheddar cheese

Extra sharp cheddar cheese holds nothing back. After hanging out in the aging process for 18 to 24 months, extra sharp cheddar is ready to break out and share its big, bold flavors with the world. Whether it's dominating the cheese board, adding pizzazz to a grilled cheese sandwich, or making a mac and cheese that packs more punch, extra sharp cheddar cheese is up for anything and everything.

Here in Wisconsin, we love the gusto of extra sharp cheddar cheese. And even though it takes more time to produce this big-flavored beauty, our cheesemakers keep us stocked with a never-ending supply. Of course, that's just what you'd expect from a state that makes more flavors, varieties, and styles of cheese than anywhere else in the world.

Take a look through our website to meet our extra sharp cheddars and all the varieties of cheese produced by Wisconsin's master cheesemakers. Search for recipes for port wine cheese and other delicacies or discover ideas for holiday gift baskets and artisan cheese gifts. And for ideas on what to serve with extra sharp cheddar cheese, read on.

How to pair your extra sharp cheddar cheese

When pairing extra sharp cheddar cheese, choose foods and beverages that match or contrast with its boldness. For example, the sweetness of homemade jams, chutneys, and honey on a charcuterie platter will perfectly balance the piquant flavors of the cheese. The same goes for off-dry malt beverages with a touch of sweetness – think cider, bock beer, Belgian ale or saison ale.

For wine, extra sharp cheddar cheese can make a nice cabernet sauvignon pairing – the tannins in the wine match boldness of the cheese. You can also try reds like a pinot noir, chianti, or syrah, as well as whites like a riesling, chardonnay, or prosecco. For higher proof tastings, try a bourbon or single malt scotch.

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FAQs: What is extra sharp cheddar cheese?

What is extra sharp cheddar cheese?

Extra sharp cheddar cheese is a cheddar that is typically aged from 12 to 24 months. As cheddar ages, its flavor profile changes from mild to something much tangier and more complex.

How is cheddar cheese made?

The process of making cheddar cheese starts off like most other cheeses. Rennet is added to the cultured milk to form curds, which are separated from the watery whey. In a process called cheddaring, the cheesemakers then create big slabs of curd that are stacked atop one another and flipped many times. This process releases more whey to create a denser curd. After the cheddaring, the curds are passed through a mill to create smaller curds which are pressed into molds for draining and aging. Cheddar cheese is typically aged from 3 months to 24 months to create different types of cheddar cheese. Mild cheddars are aged 3 to 6 months. Sharp cheddars are aged 9 to 12 months. And extra sharp cheddars are aged from 1 to 2 years.

Why is some extra sharp cheddar cheese orange?

Orange cheddar cheese is made by adding a natural coloring to the cheese. Most orange cheddar cheese today is made by adding annatto, the fruit of the achiote tree.

Extra sharp cheddar is extra good in Wisconsin

When you want some extra fine, extra sharp cheddar cheese, just choose a cheese from Wisconsin. If there's one thing we know in Wisconsin, it's cheese. And if there's one thing cheese knows, it's that a Wisconsin pedigree pretty much makes you the best cheese in the world.

Need some proof? Just check out the 5500+ awards our cheesemakers have racked up at the national and world championships. But while awards are nice and all, our cheesemakers aren't in this for the prizes. They've been making cheese for 180 years to satisfy hungry cheese lovers everywhere. And it seems to be working – Wisconsin cheesemakers produce one-quarter of all the cheese bought in the U.S., and nearly half of all the artisan cheese.

So, when you want the best extra sharp cheddar cheese this world has to offer, just make sure there's a Proudly Wisconsin Cheese badge on the cheese you take home. We promise – you'll be extra happy you did.

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