Mild Cheddar Cheese

Melt my heart, mild cheddar cheese

Mild cheddar cheese is a real sweetheart. Young, creamy, and pleasantly sweet, mild cheddar is adored by cheese lovers of all ages. You couldn't ask for a better melter when it comes to soups, sandwiches, and mac & cheese. And when there are chunks of mild cheddar cheese on the meat and cheese board, you can be sure there won't be any stragglers when the party's over.

In Wisconsin, you're sure to find a stash of mild cheddar cheese in every refrigerator. It's kind of a staple here, right up there with milk, eggs, and bread. Rarely does a day go by when mild cheddar cheese doesn't show up for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Guess you could say we're crazy about mild cheddar cheese. And who wouldn't be when your cheddar is made by some of the best cheesemakers in the world?

What to marry with mild cheddar cheese

Mild cheddar cheese pairs well with just about everything. You can slice it, grate it, or melt it into almost anything. It's great for cheese spreads and grilled cheese sandwiches. And mild cheddar cheese never met a plate of nachos it couldn't bend to its will.

When pairing mild cheddar cheese with drinks, you really can't go wrong. Beer and cider are probably the best bets. Frosty pints of pale lager, IPA, or pilsner can easily match the freshness of a mild cheddar. If you're popping corks, chardonnay, rosé, or pinot gris will go down easy with a chunk of mild cheddar. Merlot and mild cheddar make a great red wine and cheese pairing, but you can try a chianti pairing as well.

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FAQs: What is mild cheddar cheese?

What is mild cheddar cheese?

Mild cheddar cheese is one of several types of cheddar cheese that are popular throughout the world. Mild cheddar is the youngest of the cheddars and is typically aged only 3 to 6 months.

How is cheddar cheese made?

Cheddar cheese is made with a process that's similar to other cheeses, where rennet is added to separate the milk curds from the whey. After separation, however, the cheese goes through a process called cheddaring where the curds are formed into large blocks that are stacked on top of one another and flipped repeatedly, releasing more moisture to give cheddar cheese its unique flavor and texture. The large slabs of cheddared curd are then milled to produce smaller curds which are pressed into forms and left to age.

What is cheddar jack cheese?

Cheddar jack cheese is a combination of cheddar cheese and Monterey Jack. Cheddar jack can be created by pressing the curd of both cheeses together to form a marbled cheese, or by combining the shredded form of both cheeses.

Why is cheddar cheese orange?

Originally, cheddar cheese had an orange tint thanks to the beta-carotene-rich diet of the cows near Cheddar, England, where cheddar originated. Over the centuries, cheesemakers have added dyes to maintain the orange color. Today, orange cheddar cheese is typically created with annatto, a natural dye made from the seeds of the achiote tree.

We're wild for mild cheddar cheese

What makes mild cheddar cheese so popular in Wisconsin? Well, if your hometown cheesemakers were among the best in the world, you too would be wild about mild cheddar cheese – and every other cheese they make, for that matter.

We've been making cheese in Wisconsin for 180 years – since even before we were a state. Our cheesemakers have perfected and improved on every traditional recipe to produce the tastiest, highest-quality cheese in the universe. That's why they've won more awards for cheese than any other state or nation on the planet. And it's why those of us who live here are so obsessed with consuming as much of it as possible.

So, next time you want to sample the best mild cheddar cheese this world has to offer, simply look for the Proudly Wisconsin Cheese badge on the label. Then get ready to say hello to your new best cheese friend.

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