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Go easy with the perfect riesling pairing

Riesling sure is one easygoing wine. This German variety gets along with almost everybody – which makes it easy to find a perfect riesling pairing. Of course, it helps that riesling has so many flavor profiles, from sweet to dry and light to medium-bodied. A dry riesling is always happy to spend time with a creamy, slightly nutty goat cheese. A salty Parmesan brings out riesling's sweet side. Potentially a washed-rind, or a complex alpine-style cheese? Riesling is all over that matchup.

Here in Wisconsin, we can't think of a better wine to go with a wide range of cuisines. But when it comes to the ultimate riesling pairing, it'll always be Wisconsin Cheese for us. Because when you're home to the best cheese in the world, finding a friend for your riesling is easy.

Browse our website to meet some of riesling's favorite Wisconsin cheeses. Or search our recipe index to find ideas for cheese for a cheese board or your next cheese party. Or read on for more riesling pairing notes.

Our favorite riesling pairings

If you were only pouring one wine to accompany a plate of several cheeses, riesling would probably be the best choice. With nicely balanced acidity and sweetness along with tropical fruits and mineral notes, riesling can pair easily with a wide variety of cheeses.

Here are some of our favorite Riesling pairings.

  • Sweet rieslings pair well with salty cheeses like gorgonzola, aged gouda, feta, or parmesan.
  • Semi-dry rieslings work well with semi-hard, medium-aged cheeses. Try an asiago, Colby, fontina, monterey jack, swiss, muenster, Havarti, or different types of cheddar cheese.
  • Dry rieslings pair well with soft, creamy cheese like camembert or brie.

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FAQs: What is the best cheese for a riesling pairing?

What is the best cheese for a riesling pairing?

Riesling wines pair easily with a wide range of cheeses, making them one of the most versatile choices for a wine and cheese party. If you had to pick a single cheese to pair with your riesling, you might try an alpine-style cheese like gruyere or emmentaler.

What are the rules for pairing wine and cheese?

Pairing wine and cheese is more of an art than a science, and it's somewhat subjective. There are no hard and fast rules. General guidelines are the same for all wines, whether you're searching for a cheese for a chianti pairing, a malbec wine pairing, or a zinfandel pairing. Matching the intensity of the wine and cheese is probably the most important consideration. Light-bodied wines will be overpowered by the strong flavors of sharp, bloomy, or stinky cheeses. Likewise, mild cheeses won't stack up against big, bold wine varieties. Salty cheeses and stinky cheeses are best served with sweeter wines that help to balance the strong flavors in the cheese. And when you're considering texture, you can either choose wine and cheese that complement each other or contrast.

Wisconsin: always ready for riesling

Here in Wisconsin, you don't have to twist our arms to try a cheese and riesling pairing. The best cheese in the world meets the world's favorite white? We'll take tickets to that matchup every time.

See, we're probably the biggest fans of cheese you'll ever find. We love cheese in all its glory – from the mild-mannered melters to the aged crumblers to the bloomy stinkers. It's why we make so much of it – more than 600 styles, varieties, and flavors, more than any other state or country in the world. And we've won more awards for our cheese than any other state or nation – proof that 180 years of searching for cheese perfection has actually paid off.

So, when it's time for pairing, Wisconsin cheeses are always ready to take the stage with a glass of riesling. Which means you can just sit back, sip, and sample. Enjoy the show.

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