Sharp White Cheddar

Strut your stuff, sharp white cheddar

Sharp white cheddar has a lot to brag about. It's got a nutty, pungent flavor that just won't quit. It boasts a perfectly balanced crumbly-creamy texture. You can slice it or shred it or serve it in chunks on a charcuterie platter. And to top it all off, sharp white cheddar melts like a dream, bringing a powerful flavor punch to sandwiches, mac & cheese, or pasta casseroles. So, go ahead and strut your stuff, sharp white cheddar – the world is just happy you're here.

Here in Wisconsin, we're super into sharp white cheddar. Then again, we are super into cheese, period. Almost all the milk produced in Wisconsin's dairyland goes to make cheese. Our cheesemakers make more flavors, styles, and varieties of cheese than anywhere else in the world. And we've won more awards for it than any other state or country – more than 5,552 and counting. Guess we've got kind of got a lot to brag about, too.

Take a peek at our website to meet some fine sharp white Wisconsin cheddars and all the other beautiful cheeses produced by our 1,200 cheesemakers. Search our index to find recipes or ideas for meat and cheese gifts. Or scroll down for tips on how to pair sharp white cheddar with food and beverages.

What to serve with sharp white cheddar

The big flavors of a sharp white cheddar make it a perfect match for the tannins in a cabernet sauvignon pairing. The right white cheddar can also make a nice chianti pairing, and syrahs and pinot noirs play well with sharp white cheddar as well.

When drinking beer, try an off-dry, mature beverage with a bit of sweetness – Belgian ales, ciders, bocks, and saison ales will do nicely. And for a sip of the hard stuff, a bourbon, or single malt scotch is always a sure bet.

When you're pairing sharp white cheddar on a cheese board, a little sticky sweetness will nicely balance the piquant flavor and crumbly texture of the cheese. Honey, a homemade jam, or an apple or mango chutney will add incredible flavor to a sharp white cheddar.

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FAQs: What is sharp white cheddar cheese?

What is sharp white cheddar cheese?

Sharp white cheddar cheese is a cheese produced with the cheddaring process, that is not dyed orange, and that is left to age up to 24 months or longer.

What is the cheddaring process?

The cheddaring process is what distinguishes cheddar from other cheeses. After cheesemakers have added rennet to milk to separate the curd from the whey, the curd is formed into large slabs which are repeatedly stacked and flipped to release more moisture. Once the slabs have reached a certain density, they are milled to form smaller curds which can be pressed into a mold and left to age. The aging process is what creates different types of cheddar cheese. Mild cheddars are aged up to six months. Sharp cheddars are aged up to one year. Extra sharp cheddar cheese is aged up to two years or longer.

Is there a taste difference in white cheddar vs orange cheddar?

No. White is the natural color of cheddar cheese. Orange cheddar cheese is colored with a natural vegetable dye.

Can I learn how to make cheddar cheese?

Yes. There are many instructional videos on the Internet. But while the process of making cheddar cheese is fairly straightforward, it can take a great deal of time to master the technique. Leaving the cheese to age for months or years requires a great deal of space, and many amateurs find it's easiest to leave the cheddar cheese process to professional cheesemakers.

Wisconsin has sharp white cheddar to share

In Wisconsin, we consume sharp white cheddar like water. Or oxygen. In fact, there's an old saying in Wisconsin: "A day without sharp white cheddar is like a day with sunshine." (Okay. That's not really an old saying – we just made that up. But it's a saying now!)

The point is, as much as we love sharp white cheddar, you might think it would be hard to score some of this finest of cheeses for yourself. But in Wisconsin, there's always some sharp white cheddar to share.

That's because our cheesemakers make more white cheddar and other cheeses than any other place on earth. They know that if there's one thing the world needs, it's more sharp white cheddar. Wisconsin cheesemakers are always working to make cheddar better – and to literally make boatloads of it. Seriously, the sheer volume of cheese that comes from Wisconsin is pretty impressive. We make one-quarter of all the cheese sold in America, and nearly one-half of all the artisan cheese.

So, next time you're looking for the best sharp white cheddar around, just knock on Wisconsin's door. We'll be happy to share any day.

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