Truffle Cheese

The Joy of Truffle Cheese

Of all the tempting cheeses flavored with dynamite delicacies, truffle cheese may pack the biggest flavor bomb. Truffles add an incredible, earthy umami to any cheddar, gouda, burrata, alpine-style, or goat cheese, delivering an unforgettable taste experience. Whether made with truffle powder, oil, or shavings, truffle cheese will be the champion of any cheese board and the ultimate exotic ingredient in any cheesy recipe.

Wisconsin Tributes to Truffle Cheese

Wisconsin cheesemakers are always on the leading edge of cheese innovation – or “cheese-ovation” -- and truffle cheese is no exception. Hook's Black Truffle Cheddar is a terrific melter, while Marieke Gouda Truffle is an award-winning farmstead cheese that's handcrafted with the finest old world techniques. Wood River Creamery Black Truffle Cheese fuses cheddar and gruyere with an aromatic hit of truffle that will knock your socks off. And Belgioioso Burrata with Black Truffles melds the freshest cream with black summer truffles for a delicacy that's bursting with creamy texture and flavor.

All about truffle cheese

Truffle cheese is a type of specialty cheese – a cheese that's made with additional ingredients like nuts, fruit, spices, and herbs. Melding the creamy richness of the cheese with the dark, earthy flavor of truffles is a recipe for jaw-dropping culinary delight.

What are truffles?

Truffles are a type of fungi that grows underground near oak or hazelnut trees. They have an intense flavor and a distinctive, earthy fragrance. The prized white truffle may be eaten raw and is often sliced thinly over pasta or risotto. Black truffles are more common and are usually sautéed or added to sauce to accent their subtler flavor.

What types of cheese have truffles in them?

Truffles may be added to many different types of cheese. Varieties with milder flavors tend to work better than highly pungent products like washed-rind cheeses that would compete with the truffle flavor. You'll commonly find truffles added to cheddar, gouda, jack, and manchego cheese, a Spanish cheese made from sheep's milk.

How is truffle cheese made?

Truffle cheese is made by first curdling the milk, pressing the curd, and folding or stirring in truffle flakes, powder, or oil before the cheese is pressed into molds.

Why do truffles go with cheese?

The fat in cheese helps to accent the pungent truffle aroma and taste.

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Pairing Truffle Cheese with Wine, Beer, and Charcuterie

Choosing Wine and Beer for Truffle Cheese

The bold flavor of truffle cheese can be beautifully matched with full-bodied red and white wines such as an aged bordeaux or a dry riesling. An aromatic pinot noir also makes a great match. Alternatively, a light sparkling wine will provide a nice contrast to the robust flavor profile of the cheese. For beer, avoid hoppy varieties that will compete with the cheese's flavor. A porter, wheat beer, or red ale should go down nicely with truffle cheese, or try something with a little funky fermentation that matches the earthy quality of the cheese.

What to Make and Serve with Truffle Cheese

Truffle cheese is a wonder when shaved or grated over omelets, pasta, mashed potatoes, and burgers or steaks. It also gives incredible flavor to mac and cheese and flatbreads. On the cheese board, a light drizzle of honey adds sweet deliciousness to truffle cheese, while grapes provide a welcome contrast to the exotic umami of the cheese.


What are truffles?

Truffles are a type of fungus or spore that grows underground and has a rich, musky, earthy flavor. While there are more than 200 varieties of truffles, they tend to fall into the categories of black or white truffles. Black truffles are more readily available and less expensive, while white truffles – with a more intense flavor – are a more costly and rare delicacy.

Are truffles a type of mushroom?

While truffles and mushrooms are both fungi, they are actually different species. Truffles are tubers that grow underground in wild forests and in certain areas, and they cannot be easily planted or cultivated. In contrast, mushrooms grow above ground, can grow almost anywhere, and are easy to cultivate.

Why are truffles so expensive?

Truffles are costly for several reasons. They grow slowly and unpredictably. They're rare, and demand is high. And because they grow underground, it's difficult and time-consuming to find them. Truffle hunters must rely on dogs and pigs to sniff them out. White truffles are more expensive than black truffles because they are rarer. While truffles themselves are quite costly, truffle cheese remains relatively affordable because it only takes a small amount of truffle to impart a big flavor and aroma to the cheese.

What is umami?

Umami is a Japanese word that means “the essence of deliciousness.” It refers to the savory, meaty taste of food. Along with salty, sweet, bitter, and sour, umami is considered one of the five basic categories of taste.

What are other types of specialty cheese?

Along with truffle cheese, specialty cheeses include any cheese with special production techniques or where extra ingredients are added. These may be added to the cheese as oils, powders, flakes, or chunks of fruit, vegetables, and nuts. Ghost pepper jack cheese, havarti with horseradish, caraway cheese¸ smoked cheddar, and herb cheese are all specialty varieties.

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