White Cheddar

The natural beauty of white cheddar

White cheddar is one confident cheese – and for good reason. It's part of a family of cheddar cheeses that's beloved around the world. White cheddar doesn't need any orange coloring – it's secure in its white-to-yellow color variations, the result of milk produced by cows eating different diets in different seasons. And white cheddar knows that no matter the color, its sharp, pungent flavor will always win the day.

Here in Wisconsin, we like our cheddar white, orange, or even blue. We love white cheddar sliced on sandwiches, melted in casseroles, and cubed for an afternoon snack. As long as it's made by our award-winning cheesemakers, we know it will be the tastiest, highest-quality white cheddar in the universe. And we're pretty confident about that.

Who's friends with white cheddar?

When you're looking for a drinking buddy for white cheddar, the perfect beer, wine or liquor depends on the age of the cheese.

Aged cheddars with sharper flavors need beverages that can hold their own with this bold cheese. For wine, consider a cabernet, chianti or malbec wine pairing, or a riesling, chardonnay, or champagne if white's your thing. In beer, aged cheddar prefers an off-dry beverage with a touch of sweetness – cider, bock, Belgian ale, or saison ale will make this cheddar smile. When you're looking for something harder, try a bourbon or single malt scotch. And aged cheddar will never say no to a bold, sweet port after dinner.

Milder cheddars are up for anything when it comes to pairings. If you're drinking beer, order a pale ale, pilsner, brown ale, or lager. In wine, mild cheddar makes a perfect cheese and merlot pairing, though a chianti, pinot noir, riesling, or malbec will also do nicely. And if it's time for something with more punch, try a rye whiskey or tequila reposado.

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FAQs: What is white cheddar?

What is white cheddar cheese?

White cheddar cheese is simply cheddar cheese that has not been dyed orange with a natural vegetable dye. There is no difference in taste or texture between white cheddar vs orange cheddar. The differences between mild, sharp, and extra sharp cheddar cheese are the result of the aging process, not the color of the cheese.

Why is cheddar cheese orange?

Cheddar cheese originated in the region of the English town of Cheddar in Somerset. In the 17th century, the milk used for cheddar cheese was rich in beta-carotene, producing an orange tint in the cheese. Cheesemakers have been adding color ever since to re-create the color that has for so long been associated with cheddar cheese.

What is cheddar jack cheese?

Cheddar jack is a combination of cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese. Marbled cheddar jack is made by pressing the curd from both cheeses into a mold. Cheddar jack is also sold as shredded cheese, combining shredded cheddar and shredded jack varieties.

Where can I learn how to make cheddar cheese?

The actual process of making cheddar cheese is not that difficult. What sets cheddar cheese apart from other cheeses is the cheddaring process, which involves forming blocks of curd that can be stacked and flipped over and over again to release more whey and create a denser curd, which gives cheddar cheese its flavor and texture. There are many recipes for cheddar cheese on the Internet.

White cheddar? Way better in Wisconsin

Trust us: white cheddar is simply better in Wisconsin. We've been honing our cheddar recipes for 180 years – since before we were even a state. And we've been obsessively building a culture of cheese in Wisconsin – our entire state is focused on one thing: making the tastiest, highest-quality, most award-winning cheese on the planet. It's why we produce more flavors, styles, and varieties cheese and anywhere else on earth. And it's why 9 of every 10 gallons of milk from our famed dairyland winds up in a Wisconsin Cheese.

You know what? On second thought, don't take our word for it. Just try some Wisconsin white cheddar for yourself. We know that once you taste this Wisconsin beauty, you'll be as obsessed as we are with tasting it again and again.

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