Queso Quesadilla

Kay´-so Kay´-sa-dee-ya
If this northern Mexican cheese was a superhero it would be Supermelter! It’s known far and wide across the land as the cheese that makes quesadillas happiest. Sure, they might survive without it. There are other melty cheeses, after all, but those others are just going through the motions. Queso quesadilla is a sturdy yet creamy, mild and versatile cheese that we love to melt in-between tortillas, on top of tortilla chips and into beans and queso dips. Kids love it, adults love it, and yes, it’s true that tortillas never met a queso quesadilla they didn’t fall head over heels for.


Ivory and loaded with cream


Semi-soft, super melter


A mild and creamy, gets-along-well-with-most-foods cheese


Cheese Image

Performance Notes

Melt to your heart’s content because queso quesadilla never separates when cooked, making it an ideal topper for dozens of dishes.

Pairing Notes

Light and crisp is the name of the queso quesadilla game. Pair it with pilsner, lager, kolsch and lighter-side hard ciders. White wines and rosés are great with it too. If you’re hankering for punchier fare, try fellow native-Mexican mezcal


Queso quesadilla was born to melt! We love to grate it and slice it and top all sorts of baked and roasted dishes with it. Nachos, big pots of savory beans, enchiladas, huevos rancheros, and, yes, quesadillas all benefit from a healthy serving of melty, creamy queso quesadilla.