Cheese is So Trendy it Has Its Own Holiday


Cheese is So Trendy it Has Its Own Holiday

Celebrate National Cheese Lover’s Day like a Wisconsinite on January 20th

Madison, Wis. (January 17, 2019) – Americans are eating more cheese than ever before, with annual per capita consumption averaging 32.7 pounds (Source: USDA/ERS, Dairy Data). Why? Whole fat and high protein foods have many proven health benefits, making cheese a delicious indulgence yet part of a healthy diet. The Instagram food culture is also contributing to this growth with cheeseboards covering social media newsfeeds. There are 18.8M tags for #cheese on Instagram alone.

People love cheese so much that they dedicate an entire day to it. While any day is a “grate” day to celebrate cheese, National Cheese Lover’s Day gives cheese lovers another reason to share their passion and nobody does cheese better than Wisconsin, which makes nearly half of the specialty cheese in the U.S.

If you’re gaga over gouda or freak over feta, Wisconsin, the state of cheese, recommends three ways to keep you cheesin’ all day long.

1. Get in on the Cheeseboard Trend or Host an Entire Cheese Party

Cheese brings people together and makes the world a happier, tastier place. Build community by putting together an Instagram-worthy spread for a small gathering of friends or co-workers. Cheeseboard bliss is easier than it looks (add link).

“Great cheese can elevate any mood, any meal or any social occasion,” said Suzanne Fanning, Chief Marketing Officer for Wisconsin Cheese. “The perfect cheeseboard will take your guests on a journey of flavor, color and texture. It’s a delicious work of art that’s sure to please and easy to create.”

Need to know what to pair with your cheese? Find cheese pairing suggestions with the State of Cheese video series.

2. Share Your Love of Wisconsin Cheese in a Recipe – Cheese Makes Everything Better!

Wisconsin cheese wins more awards than any other state or country so why not cook up something gooey and delicious like Bacon Mac and Cheese, Slow-Cooker Potato Chowder, or Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Dip. Look for more recipe inspiration on

3. Learn Where Your Food Comes From

Wisconsin has been making cheese since before they were a state so every cheese in Wisconsin tells a story. Some are made at a farmstead creamery others hand-crafted by a Master Cheesemaker and many aged to perfection by sixth-generation cheesemakers. The best cheese comes from the very best milk, lush grasslands and a glacial water supply, only available in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin cheesemakers share their stories through the seasons, one cheese, rind, wheel, curd and nibble at a time. Get to know Wisconsin’s most famous residents and the people who make them.

Look for the new Proudly Wisconsin Cheese™ badge on packaging nationwide. Wisconsin cheese is available in 98% of grocery stores.