Wisconsin Announces First Ever Art of Cheese Festival

A weekend of food, classes, exclusive tours and more for cheese lovers
Madison, Wis. (January 20, 2020) – In honor of National Cheese Lovers Day, Wisconsin proudly announces the first ever Art of Cheese Festival, happening August 14-16, 2020, in Madison, WI. The festival features an array of cheese-focused activities specially curated for ultimate cheese lovers.
CLASSES: Enjoy a variety of classes led by experts. Classes range from making cheese to cooking with cheese and pairing cheese to crafting the perfect cheeseboard. 
EXCLUSIVE TOURS: Hop on the cheese bus to visit Wisconsin dairy farms, creameries and enjoy other special experiences.
OUTSTANDING IN THE FIELD DINNER: Enjoy a unique and elevated dining experience outdoors with a four-course meal prepared by world class local chefs. Each course will feature Wisconsin's award-winning cheeses. 
RESTAURANTS: Look for restaurant features across the state all week long that highlight Wisconsin's most popular cheeses. 
CHEESE FAIR: This pop-up market in downtown Madison is your one stop shop for sampling and purchasing Wisconsin Cheese. Taste the cheese, meet the makers, and take home your favorites to share with family and friends. 
THE CHEESE BALL: One of the most anticipated highlights of the weekend will be the Cheese Ball, featuring live music, food, drinks, performers and of course, a chance to taste your way through the State of Cheese.
This ultimate cheese fantasy is just a few months away. Go to to stay connected and be the first to know when tickets go on sale.  
About Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin: Funded by Wisconsin dairy farmers, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin is a non-profit organization that focuses on marketing and promoting Wisconsin's world-class dairy products. For more information, visit our website at
About Wisconsin Cheese: The tradition of cheesemaking excellence began more than 150 years ago, before Wisconsin was recognized as a state. Wisconsin's 1,200 cheesemakers, many of whom are third- and fourth-generation, continue to pass on old-world traditions while adopting modern innovations in cheesemaking craftsmanship. For more information, visit or connect on Facebook.