Stand With Wisconsin Dairy Farmers During National Dairy Month

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin Urges Consumers to Buy Dairy Products in Support of a Critical Wisconsin Industry
MADISON, Wis. (May 19, 2020) – In honor of National Dairy Month, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin is encouraging consumers to stand united with the state's dairy farmers and find simple ways to show support for an industry that contributes so much to Wisconsin's culture and identity. 

"Wisconsin's dairy farms, 95% of which are family owned, are facing difficult circumstances right now," said Suzanne Fanning, Senior Vice President of Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin and Chief Marketing Officer. "The single most effective way we can support our farmers is to buy and enjoy the nutrient-rich dairy products they produce."

With Americans spending more time preparing and eating meals at home rather than at restaurants or in school cafeterias, farmers have adapted their businesses quickly to meet changing demands and fulfill consumers' essential nutrition needs. Dairy is one of the most affordable ways of getting 3 of the 4 critical nutrients most often lacking in Americans' diets: calcium, vitamin D and potassium.

"Many Wisconsin families have been dairy farming for generations," Fanning said. "These are passionate people who have worked hard to take care of their land and animals. As a state, we must stand together in support of our farmers and all they do for our communities."

Celebrated since the 1930's, National Dairy Month began as a program to promote drinking milk but has evolved into an annual celebration recognizing the contributions of dairy producers, farm families and others involved in the industry. Wisconsin's dairy farmers are committed to delivering fresh, wholesome nutrition to dairy lovers all over the world using sustainable farming practices. In 2017, they reached a milestone achievement by reducing the environmental impact of producing a gallon of milk by involving 31% less water, 21% less land, a 20% smaller carbon footprint and 21% less manure than in 2007. 

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