Wisconsin Celebrates Its 180th Cheesemaking Anniversary This May During American Cheese Month


Experience the Wonders of Wisconsin in Stores, at Restaurants and Online All Month Long

Madison, Wis. – May is American Cheese Month, and Wisconsin, the State of Cheese®, is taking the celebration to a new level, with big plans all month long that coincide with the state’s 180th anniversary of cheesemaking. Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin is engaging consumers by highlighting Wisconsin Cheese in stores and restaurants across the country, through virtual events and on social media in a one-of-a-kind celebration that cheese lovers won’t want to miss.

“In Wisconsin, we celebrate cheese bigger and better than anyone, and that’s because cheese is really core to who we are – we’re a state obsessed with making the world’s best cheese,” says Suzanne Fanning, Chief Marketing Officer for Wisconsin Cheese and Senior Vice President at Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin. “We know that you don’t have to live in Wisconsin to be as obsessed with cheese as we are, so this May we are providing opportunities for cheese lovers nationwide to celebrate along with us and discover the true wonders of Wisconsin… our incredible, award-winning cheeses!”
Here are the ways cheese lovers can join in on the fun: 

Look for Wisconsin Cheeses in Your Favorite Stores and Restaurants
Nearly 6,000 retail locations and over 1,200 restaurants across the nation are putting a spotlight on Wisconsin specialty cheeses for the month of May. Retail promotions at grocery stores such as Murray’s Cheese at Kroger, Albertsons, Jewel-Osco, HEB and more will be highlighting cheeses with the Proudly Wisconsin Cheese® badge. Wisconsin Cheese is available in 99% of grocery stores across the country.

Restaurants nationwide will feature menu items made with Wisconsin Cheese, including some new menu items and limited time offers. Look for the “Wonders of Wisconsin” menu items at restaurants like Cousin’s, Culver’s, Donato’s, Little Greek Fresh Grill, Minsky’s, Tom & Chee/Goldstar and Topper’s.

Explore Fromage-Filled Virtual Events
Watch for memorable and educational experiences for cheese lovers every week during American Cheese Month. Visit to enter the ticket lottery for free exclusive events. Registration opens today and seating is limited. 

Each lucky selected participant will learn from cheesemakers, chefs and affineurs and receive a free shipment of cheese and accompaniments for the event – sent straight to their door. Events include:
•    Harmonious Pairings: A Night of Music and Cheese
•    The Art of Affinage with Expert Eric Meredith
•    Cheese, Cheers and Beers: Game Night Done Right
•    Find Your Inner Chef: Cooking School with a Top-Rated Chef

On May 26th Wisconsin Cheese will conclude the month-long celebration with The Great Wisconsin Cheese Raffle: A 180th Anniversary Spectacular. Prepare for the most epic cheese raffle ever featuring award-winning cheesemakers and surprise celebrity guests, all while supporting a good cause. 

Discover the Wonders of Wisconsin Online 
Learn about Wisconsin’s commitment to mastery, creativity, quality and innovation with a new ‘wonder’ showcased daily on the Wisconsin Cheese Facebook and Instagram pages. Possible features will include the stories of Wisconsin’s most innovative original cheeses and Master Cheesemakers. For serious cheese fanatics who want to celebrate Wisconsin Cheese all year long, consider joining Cheeselandia, Wisconsin’s online cheese community. 

About Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin: Funded by Wisconsin dairy farmers, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin is a non-profit organization that focuses on marketing and promoting Wisconsin’s world-class dairy products. For more information, visit our website at

About Wisconsin Cheese: The tradition of cheesemaking excellence began 180 years ago, before Wisconsin was recognized as a state. Wisconsin’s 1,200 cheesemakers, many of whom are third- and fourth-generation, continue to pass on old-world traditions while adopting modern innovations in cheesemaking craftsmanship. For more information, visit or connect on Facebook.
Photo Caption: Look for the Wonders of Wisconsin displays at nearly 6,000 grocery store locations throughout May as retailers nationwide put a spotlight on Wisconsin specialty cheeses during American Cheese Month.

Photo Caption: While May marks American Cheese Month, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin is giving consumers a special reason to discover the wonders of Wisconsin through virtual events, social media and in stores and restaurants all month long.