Do You Have What It Takes to be Named Cheese Board Champion by The State of Cheese?


Wisconsin Cheese Board Awards Are Officially Open

Wisconsin Cheese is on a nationwide hunt for the most creative holiday cheese boards. Their six-week competition opens today, and any aspiring cheese board aficionado could be named champion, winning a year’s supply of cheese for themselves and a friend, plus a cheese donation to the food pantry of their choice. Enter now at
“In Wisconsin, we truly believe that great cheese makes the world a happier, tastier place, and we know that cheese lovers across the country will be gathering together over cheese boards this holiday season,” says Suzanne Fanning, Chief Marketing Officer for Wisconsin Cheese and Senior Vice President at Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, “Since our fans will already be creating beautiful boards, we want to encourage everyone to share images, so cheese lovers can inspire each other, and we can honor best-in-class Wisconsin cheese boards from the holiday’s most incredible hosts. We can’t wait to see what people create!”  
An esteemed panel of three judges who live and breathe all things cheese boards will review submissions every week to see who creates the most delectable cheese board. Judges include Marissa Mullen, the best-selling author, content creator and founder of That Cheese Plate, in addition to Cheeselandian and former cheesemonger Doug Clemens of @CheeseTrayGay and Alisha Norris Jones of Immortal Milk, an award-winning cheesemonger from Chicago. 
So, what does it take to win? Here’s what the judges will be looking for: 
1.    Usage of Wisconsin Cheese. There are so many great varieties of Wisconsin Cheese. You must include a minimum of 2, but you'll get extra love from the judges if you go above and beyond. The more, the merrier! 
2.    Board Abundance. In the spirit of holiday giving, every corner of your board should be covered with Wisconsin Cheese and other cheese board accompaniments. Don't hold back - the more you add, the more you'll wow the judges. 
3.    Color & Creativity. The holiday season is the perfect time to add some colorful, festive cues to your cheese board. Try something unique and let your creative side shine. 

With over 25 prizes up for grabs, there is more than just a year’s worth of cheese on the line! The judges will choose a winner every week to receive a cheese prize pack complete with a cheese board, cheese knives, cheese paper, $100 worth of Wisconsin Cheese and more. The entries placing second, third and fourth place each week become weekly winners and will receive a custom cheese board.

Over the contest’s six-week period, the weekly winners as selected by the judges will be finalists for the grand prize. Finalists will be announced on the Wisconsin Cheese Facebook and Instagram channels, where judges will also be sharing inspirational content for award-winning creations. Professionals and amateurs alike can find additional inspiration to create cheese boards for the contest at

All eligible entries must include three photos, including the final Wisconsin cheese board creation, the Wisconsin Cheese packaging and the creator with their masterpiece. Not sure where to find Wisconsin Cheese? Look for the Proudly Wisconsin Cheese® badge on packaging at retailers nationwide. Full contest details can be found in the Official Rules. Contest entries accepted through 12/16 at 11:59PM CT. Thank you to Winona Foods for their generous donation of cheese to the food bank of the winner’s choice.
About Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin: Funded by Wisconsin dairy farmers, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin is a non-profit organization that focuses on marketing and promoting Wisconsin’s world-class dairy products. For more information, visit our website at  

About Wisconsin Cheese: The tradition of cheesemaking excellence began 180 years ago, before Wisconsin was recognized as a state. Wisconsin’s 1,200 cheesemakers, many of whom are third- and fourth-generation, continue to pass on old-world traditions while adopting modern innovations in cheesemaking craftsmanship. For more information, visit or connect on Facebook. For serious cheese fanatics who want to celebrate Wisconsin Cheese all year long, consider joining Cheeselandia, Wisconsin's online cheese community.

Video Caption: The Grand Prize winner for the Wisconsin Cheese Board Awards will take home a year’s supply of Wisconsin Cheese for themselves and a friend, plus a cheese donation to the food pantry of their choice.