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What’s the word on curds? Springy and fresh and famous for that adorable squeak, cheese curds are just flat-out fun! Order a bag of cheese curds and eat them fresh or try making our Deep Fried Cheese Curds or our famous Air-Fryer Cheese Curds recipes. Actually, you should buy multiple bags so you can try them all three ways!

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You Curdn't Be Wondering About This, Curd you?

What are curds? Essentially, cheese curds are unaged cheddar cheese. They are separated from the whey early in the cheesemaking process and instead of being pressed into a block or wheel shaped form, they are cut into randomly shaped sweet, salty morsels.

Why do they squeak? The elastic protein strands in the curds rub against the enamel of your teeth to create that characteristic sound. The “squeak” is also a sign of curd freshness, which are traditionally eaten at room temperature, the same day they are made.

How do you eat them? Eat them fresh straight out of the bag, toss them on a salad, use them on a cheese board or in a recipe like poutine, where curds are placed on top of fries and smothered in gravy. Batter and fry the curds, use your air fryer, or order them fried at your local Culver’s restaurant.