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Whether young or aged, asiago is a versatile cheese. Put-in-a-pint drinks that we favor with it include hard ciders and fruit beers, pilsners, pale ales and lighter Belgian ales. If wine sounds fine, then we recommend riesling, sauvignon blanc, pinot gris, cabernet sauvignon and syrah. If liquor is more your speed, then both scotch and rye whiskey pair well. A nutty and assertive sake loves asiago too.

Amber Ale

Originally hailing from the West Coast of America, easy-to-drink ambers strike what we think is the perfect balance of hops to malt.

Belgian Ale

There are so many different types of Belgian ales, but what unites them all is their moderate to high-alcohol content and tendency to be on the sweeter, often fruity side.

Scotch Ale

If a strong, dark, malty ale is what you crave, Scotch ale is your new best mate!


This light-bodied, easy drinking French red is made from the thin-skinned gamay grape and tucks perfectly tucking into a picnic basket.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet sauvignon is a full-bodied, tannic, acidic, power-punch of a wine grown worldwide that Wisconsinites, like most of America, adore.


Chianti, which hails from its namesake region of central Tuscany, is nuanced and full-bodied.


Despite its origins in the Bordeaux region of France, high quality malbec is generally most associated with Argentina's Mendoza region.


Merlot is a very popular wine, to the point that it can suffer from pedestrian mass production. You’re missing out, however, if you share the above sentiment.

Pinot Noir

Named for the dark purple, cooler-climate-loving grapes that go into it, pinot noir is a complex wine that, at its best, is a silky, mysterious and supple wine.


When we want a big and spicy, full-bodied wine, we often reach for syrah.


As with merlot, chardonnay’s abundance causes some to look down upon it. We recommend you not avert your eyes!


German-by-birth, riesling is one of our all-time favorite whites.

Sauvignon Blanc

Grassy, crisp, young and refreshing are all things that we associate with this light-on-its-feet white wine grown in many regions of the world.

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