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Big, bold blues as well as milder wedges go surprisingly well with all sorts of drinks. In Wisconsin, we normally pair our blues with cider or beer -- everything from fruit beers, stout, weiss beer, porter and Belgian ales get along famously with blue. In the world of wine, we recommend cabernet sauvignon, chianti, pinot noir, zinfandel, riesling, syrah/shiraz, ice wines and malbec. For higher-proof hankerings, reach for the port, madeira, tequila reposado or tequila añejo.

Belgian Ale

There are so many different types of Belgian ales, but what unites them all is their moderate to high-alcohol content and tendency to be on the sweeter, often fruity side.


First crafted in the 17th century in England, India Pale Ale — commonly referred to as IPA — is one craft beer America can never get enough of.


The world’s first mass-produced style of beer, porter is one of our favorite cold weather brews


Originally, stout was a generic term for a big, strong porter. These days it’s a rich and creamy dark brew of its own made with un-malted roasted barley.


We’re crazy about this All-American, barrel-aged beauty, and we proclaim bourbon one of America’s best and tastiest inventions.

Old Fashioned

The old fashioned is one of our all-time favorite cocktails, and although it can certainly be made with whiskey, in Wisconsin we always prefer ours with brandy.


Like our stinkiest of cheeses, malt or grain-based scotch tends to be an acquired taste. Most of that is thanks to peat moss.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet sauvignon is a full-bodied, tannic, acidic, power-punch of a wine grown worldwide that Wisconsinites, like most of America, adore.


The vast majority of wine consumed in early America was rich and nutty madeira.


Despite its origins in the Bordeaux region of France, high quality malbec is generally most associated with Argentina''''''''s Mendoza region.

Pinot Noir

Named for the dark purple, cooler-climate-loving grapes that go into it, pinot noir is a complex wine that, at its best, is a silky, mysterious and supple wine.


We love this gorgeous, bold and sweet, fortified red wine sipper from the northern Douro region of Portugal, especially at the end of a delicious meal.


When we want a big and spicy, full-bodied wine, we often reach for syrah.


Zinfandel is to California as cheese is to Wisconsin. They love it, they’re great at making it and they’ve been doing so since the mid-1800s.


German-by-birth, riesling is one of our all-time favorite whites.

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