Winter Pasta Recipes

January 18, 2021

Winter Pasta Recipes

You know those winter days where all you want is some warm comfort food and a cozy spot on the couch? We sure do. If there’s anything that can take the chill out of a cold day, it’s a big plate of freshly cooked pasta generously covered with Wisconsin Cheese. From holiday-inspired mac and cheese to a rich three-cheese lasagna, we’ve gathered five classic pasta recipes that are the perfect companions for a winter day—couch not included.  

Wisconsin Cheese Inspired Winter Pasta Recipes

Creamy Provolone Stuffed Shells

Is there anything better than creamy, herb-y cheese nestled into a pocket of perfectly al dente pasta? Only one thing: cover that same dish with provolone and bake it until bubbly. Of course, we didn’t want Burnett Dairy’s cheese to get provo-lonely so we added ricotta to balance its rich flavor with ricotta’s smooth texture and tang. Make extra—everyone will be going back for seconds.

Featured Cheeses

Clock Shadow Creamery Ricotta 
Burnett Dairy® Provolone

Get the recipe for our Creamy Provolone Stuffed Shells.

Wisconsin Holiday Mac and Cheese

If your holiday dinner menu doesn’t typically include mac and cheese, we’d highly recommend adding it as a vegetarian side--or even an entree! This recipe is piled high with a rich three-cheese sauce and a crunchy rosemary panko topping.

Asiago, havarti, and cheddar get cozy in a homemade roux, which is a fancy French way of making a delectably thick, luscious cream sauce. While any Wisconsin Cheese will suit wonderfully, we opted for Sartori’s Rosemary and Olive Oil Asiago for an additional layer of herbaceous flavor.

Featured Cheeses

Henning's Mild Cheddar
Roth Original Havarti
Sartori Rosemary & Olive Oil Asiago

Recipe Tip

Have another cheese you curdn’t live without? Mix it in with the rest our recommendations! Mac and cheese is a great place to put your own creative twist by experimenting with different cheese combinations!

Get the recipe for our Wisconsin Holiday Mac and Cheese.

Cacio e Pepe

In a simple dish like Cacio e Pepe, every ingredient should be of the highest quality—as you can truly taste each element. That’s why we chose two of Wisconsin’s most decorated cheeses to star in this Italian-inspired recipe: Sartori SarVecchio® Parmesan and Sartori Rosemary & Olive Oil Asiago.

Curious why Wisconsin parmesan is so special? Read our blog explaining the differences between Parmigiano-Reggiano and Wisconsin parmesan, and why any dish featuring parm is a win in our book.

Featured Cheeses

Sartori SarVecchio® Parmesan
Sartori Rosemary & Olive Oil Asiago

Recipe Tip

Don’t toss that hot pasta water, it’s a key ingredient! Salty and starchy, pasta water is magical, transforming individual ingredients into a silky, cheesy sauce that coats the tongue.

Get the recipe for our Cacio e Pepe.

Sausage and Three-Cheese Lasagna

We took Garfield’s favorite up a notch by using fresh Wisconsin ricotta cheese and a rosemary, an olive oil-infused asiago cheese, as well as a mozzarella ball.

This three-cheese symphony is filled with creamy, herb-y flavor that pays homage to the classic dish while elevating the flavors you know and love. Don’t forget the fresh basil!

Featured Cheeses

Clock Shadow Creamery Ricotta
Crave Brothers Farmstead Creamery Fresh Mozzarella
Sartori Rosemary & Olive Oil Asiago

Recipe Tip

This is a great make-ahead recipe! This lasagna can be prepared a day before--after assembling, just cool, cover, and refrigerate it overnight. Remove from the refrigerator 30 minutes before baking. Bake as directed, and enjoy!

Get the recipe for our Sausage and Three-Cheese Lasagna.

Four-Cheese Baked Ziti

If layering pasta and cheese sounds like a bit too much fuss--after all, sometimes you can’t wait to dive into the cheesy goodness--this Four-Cheese Baked Ziti is exactly what you need. Spiced Italian sausage, aromatic oregano, and a whole lot of Wisconsin Cheese.

We used two types of mozzarella for an extra cheesy boost. Adding in “pearls” of BelGioioso Mozzarella means you get pops of melty cheese throughout the meal. We’re pretty sure “pops of melty cheese” is our love language.

Featured Cheese

BelGioioso Ricotta con Latte®
Stella® Parmesan
BelGioioso Fresh Mozzarella (Pearls)
Weyauwega Star Dairy Mozzarella (Shredded)

Cheese Tip

Fresh, milky mozzarella balls are available in different sizes; sometimes the pearl-sized variety is also labeled as perline. They're the perfect size for salads and pasta dishes.

Get the recipe for our Four-Cheese Baked Ziti.


If these winter pasta recipes have got you hungry for something else, try our selection of over 400 handcrafted recipes featuring Wisconsin Cheese. Share your cheesy creations with us on Instagram or Facebook and become part of the largest cheese community in the world. 
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