5 Cheeses To Celebrate National Moldy Cheese Day

September 28, 2021

 5 Cheeses To Celebrate National Moldy Cheese Day

For cheese lovers, October 9th is like Christmas morning mixed with the thrill of an unexpected snow day on your birthday. Why, you ask? Well, it’s a day spent celebrating all things funky and fungi-filled. That’s right: it’s National Moldy Cheese Day!

Even if you’re a moldy cheese skeptic, we’re pretty sure there’s a Wisconsin Cheese that will change your mind. Break the “mold” of your usual cheese board picks and mix things up with these piquant cheeses. Read on to learn all about moldy cheeses and sneak a peek at some of our flavorful favorites.

Why mold and cheese are best friends

It might sound surprising at first, but many of our favorite cheeses wouldn’t be possible without some friendly fungi that are expertly maintained by cheesemakers. The delicious blue veins in a gorgonzola or blue cheese? Mold. The rind on Upland’s award-winning Rush Creek Reserve? You got it: mold. A smear-ripened muenster cheese? Yup, not possible without mold.

Carefully cultivated mold plays a huge role in transforming a humble cheese curd into a complex and unique moldy cheese. In fact, one of the most important responsibilities a cheesemaker has is to manage the species of mold that are added to their cheese. Every cheese demands a specific set of conditions—like temperature, humidity, light, and timing—to make sure that the right mold grows at the right time.

All this attention to detail is what ensures that the molds used by cheesemakers are 100% safe to eat. If you’re looking to dive deeper into the science of moldy cheese, start with our guide to the basics.

5 of our favorite moldy Wisconsin Cheeses

Roth’s Buttermilk Blue®: This tangy yet mellow blue cheese is Roth’s flagship blue, and with your first bite, you’ll understand why. Buttermilk Blue® is made with fresh milk from farms just minutes away from where Roth Cheese crafts and ages this blue cheese. Whether you’re a die-hard blue cheese lover or still a bit apprehensive, Buttermilk Blue® is a must have for any National Moldy Cheese Day celebration.

Renard’s Muenster: Not to be confused with French Munster, muenster is Wisconsin’s original take on the Alsatian classic. Ever since our cheesemakers started making it in the late 1800s, we appreciated this soft, creamy, washed rind cheese for its mild and nutty flavor. Muenster is known for its beautiful orange rind, a result of the brevibacterium linens that grows on the outside. Renard’s Muenster is a versatile cheese that goes great in everything from grilled cheese sandwiches to cheeseburgers fresh off the grill.

Chalet Cheese Cooperative’s Country Castle Limburger: Protecting the legacy of all cheeses is something near and dear to any Wisconsinites heart, and that goes double for limburger. There’s just one place in America that still makes limburger—and that’s Chalet CheeseCooperative in Monroe, Wisconsin. The first thing you’ll notice about limburger is its distinctive and powerful smell. (Your nose will know it’s there before your eyes do!) While its pungent aroma might be off-putting to some, those who are willing to try it will be rewarded with a smooth, earthy, and robust cheese that’s perfect in a dark rye bread sandwich.

Roelli’s Red Rock: This Wisconsin Original is a great way to expand the boundaries of your cheese tasting while keeping things familiar. Blue cheddar is aged cheddar infused with Penicillium roqueforti, the fungus responsible for developing blue cheese’s iconic veins and flavor. Basically, it’s the best of both worlds.

Cedar Grove Cheese’s Artisan Montague: Made exclusively by Cedar Grove Cheese, the Montague is a blue ribbon winning delight that has everything you could want in a cheese: balanced richness and a just-one-more-bite texture that keeps you coming back for more.

Why is mold on cheese safe?

In short, only molds that produce specific types of toxins are dangerous to eat. Other molds, like the kind used in cheesemaking, are safe to consume.

Head for the mold!

If all this talk of moldy cheese has gotten you hungry for a cheese tasting, you can get Wisconsin’s finest moldy cheeses delivered right to your door with our continuously updated list of cheesemakers and retailers that allow you to order cheese online. Award-winning Wisconsin Cheese is just a click away.

Craving something else? Choose from our selection of over 400 recipes featuring Wisconsin Cheese. Don’t forget to share your creative cheesy creations with us on Facebook and Instagram!


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