How to Make Cheese Flowers

How to Make Cheese Flowers

Will you accept this (cheese) rose? If you haven’t heard of this unique trend, you’re in for a treat. Slices of cheese are delicately wrapped into the shape of flowers, then garnished with edible herbs for a stunning centerpiece fit for any cheese board or special occasion. And with Wisconsin cheese, these cheese flowers are sure to taste even better than they look.

Whether they’re nestled into a cheese board, popped into vases, or handed out as hors d’oeuvres, cheese roses are an elegant way to enjoy the best thing of all: cheese. We’ve put together a guide with all the best tips and tricks to making beautiful, tasty cheese roses. It’s way easier than you’d think, we promise!

The Best Cheese for Cheese Roses

Cheese roses are best made with young cheeses that are springy and flexible, so you can roll the slices without them tearing. Aged cheeses, while delicious, have less moisture—causing them to be brittle and crack easily. Thin slices of a younger cheese are best—aim for around 1/8” thickness for best results.

While you can slice your own cheeses, especially with a good cheese knife, we recommend making your life easier and ordering from a deli counter or local cheesemonger. They can slice the cheese easily and precisely for you, so you can focus more on what really counts: what wine or beer you’ll pair with your soon-to-be cheese roses!

How to Make Cheese Roses 

Making cheese roses is easier than you think! If you can roll slices of cheese, you can do this. Here are the eight easy steps to create a beautiful cheese rose:

Step 1: Thinly slice a block of Wisconsin cheese, such as cheddar, fontina, gouda, havarti or mozzarella, to 1/8-inch thickness (or ask your cheese shop for help). Use a glass or cutter to cut cheese slices.


Step 2: Place a cheese round on a cutting board; fold in half. Add another folded slice, followed by three unfolded slices.


Step 3: Roll a separate cheese round tightly to form a “stem”.


Step 4: Place stem on the left edge of the first folded slice. Working left to right, begin rolling slices around stem.


Step 5: Continue rolling, keeping the stem near the center of unfolded slices.


Step 6: Place the cheese flower upright in a vase or glass. Open “petals” by gently pulling back the top edges of cheese slices.


Step 7: Place fresh herbs like basil, sage or thyme for leaves.


Step 8: Arrange cheese flower with other accompaniments like pickled asparagus spears, breadsticks and charcuterie.

Serving Cheese Roses

The options for serving cheese roses are just about endless. Cheese flowers can be a beautiful centerpiece for any cheese board or cheese-themed meal. Tuck them into a charcuterie board for an at-home gathering, or create a lush picnic box for instant romance while on-the-go. Want to create unique hors d’oeuvres or a memorable party favor? Make cheese bouquets!

Use double-thickness parchment paper to create paper cones or use disposable bamboo wood cones. Using long toothpicks, thread on mini mozzarella balls, veggies, or fruits before topping with your cheese flowers. Tuck these into your cones, then fill in the gaps with breadsticks and edible garnishes. Impressive, delicious, and easy!

Learn How to Build a Perfect Cheese Board with our guide here.


The only thing better than a bouquet of flowers is a one made entirely of cheese. Ready to make your own? Get all your favorite Wisconsin cheeses delivered right to your door with our continuously updated list of cheesemakers and retailers that allow you to order cheese online. Award-winning Wisconsin cheese is just a click away.

In the mood for something else? Check out our selection of over 400 handcrafted recipes featuring Wisconsin cheese to find the perfect recipe to showcase your knowledge. If you’re looking for more cheesy inspiration, be sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook.


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