Cheese Wedding Cakes: Curds Of Paradise

January 17, 2020

Cheese Wedding Cakes: Curds Of Paradise

Anyone can have a June wedding or a typical wedding cake, but why not take the opportunity to make yours a day that reflects you and your beloved and make it an event to remember with Wisconsin Cheese?

Living the island life

Tropical-themed weddings are on the rise for a reason: bringing a little piece of paradise to your big day with piña coladas, palm fronds, and pineapples makes for the ultimate laid-back celebration of love.

But riddle us this: is it really paradise if there’s no cheese?

We didn’t think so! That’s why we created a cheese wedding cake dedicated to the island life. Layered with Wisconsin wheels that pack bold, colorful flavors and bejeweled with fresh tropical fruit and flowers, this is one cake we wouldn’t mind getting shipwrecked with.

Oasis of cheese

These wheels may not have tropical flavors, but they will definitely transport you to a state of vacation-level bliss. 

Président’s Brie – Lactalis

Holding up the pineapple on top is the ever-classy President’s brie. Rich, buttery and decadently creamy, it’s like a first class upgrade for your taste buds. The snow white rind sets off the pops of color on the rest of the cake, and the spreadable, melt-in-your-mouth texture is a cheese board must-have. This mellow brie loves the company of soft, fruity red wine, candied walnuts, and a little honey for good measure.

Canela – Roth

Known for its gorgeous basket-weave rind, Canela (formerly GranQueso®) is a Wisconsin Original that’s truly one of a kind. Similar in style to Spanish Manchego but made from cow's milk, Canela is hand-rubbed with cinnamon and paprika to give it that incredible, deep golden tan.

With stunning tasting notes of candied pineapple and brown butter, Canela will definitely win your guests’ hearts – just like it won at the American Cheese Society award show seven years in a row.

This Wisconsin beauty pairs well with wheat beer, hard cider, and an ocean view.

Creama Kasa – Carr Valley

You don’t need to fly to the tropics to experience paradise – just spread Carr Valley’s exceptionally rich Creama Kasa on warm, crusty bread, take a bite, and float away. Buttery and piquant, this triple-cream creation is hand-crafted by Master Cheesemaker Sid Cook just steps from the idyllic Baraboo River.

Paired with ripe strawberries, dark chocolate and a flute of Cava, Creama Kasa is a honeymoon in cheese form.

Parmesan Cheese – Cello

The rich caramel color of this magnificent Parmesan conjures golden sand and sunshine. Inside, you’ll find a bold, nutty cheese with notes of crushed apple – perfect for topping a slice of Hawaiian pizza or snacking on straight from the cheese board. It pairs beautifully with scotch ale, bourbon, madeira, or sauvignon blanc.

Completing the scene

Vibrant garnishes and proper libations are key to pulling off this cake. Let’s break it down:

Have fun with fruit. Dress up your towering cheese creation with bright, juicy slices of pineapple, kiwi, and starfruit to add pops of complementary color.

Get punchy. Add a few carafes of spiked tropical punch, sangria, margaritas, and other drinks that’ll help set the beachy mood.

Set the scene. Palm fronds, plumeria and a greenery wall help round out the island vibes.

Ready to dive into creating your own? Start dreaming of your ultimate wheel lineup here. Bon voyage!


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