Cheese Wedding Cakes: When Wine Met Wheels

Cheese Wedding Cakes: When Wine Met Wheels
Wine and cheese are, like you and your beloved, a match made in heaven. Read on to discover how to create the perfect Wisconsin Cheese cake for your day of celebration!

The ultimate romantic pairing

What’s better than wine and cheese on your wedding day? An entire cake dedicated to the ultimate romantic pairing of the culinary world, of course! 

For couples who enjoy the finer things, a vineyard-inspired cake made entirely of cheese is the perfect match.

Crafted with iconic, wine-soaked wheels of Wisconsin’s world-renowned fromage and dressed up with fresh fruit and flowers, it’ll be the toast of the reception. 

Never even heard of a wedding cake of cheese? We’ve got you covered! We’re here to break down what goes into creating these towers of cheesy love, from how we chose each wheel to the finishing touches that make this rising wedding trend an unforgettable centerpiece for your big day.

Wheel love

Here in Wisconsin, cheesemaking is a matter of the heart.

From the countless factories run by married couples to wheels named in honor of makers’ spouses, cheese is definitely our love language.

So when we chose the layers of our Vineyard Cake, we made sure to include cheeses not only for their exceptional flavor and beauty, but also for the story behind them.

Roseate – Door Artisan Cheese Company

Let’s start from the top: that gorgeous scarlet gem is Door Artisan's Roseate, a magnificently pungent Italian-style asiago soaked in a deep red South African wine.

Master Cheesemaker Mike Brennenstuhl named Roseate in honor of his wife’s love for dragonflies

As the story goes, he was pacing around their house trying to come up with a name for his newest cheese creation when he spotted her picture of a striking red dragonfly called Roseate on the wall. He instantly knew he’d found the name for his little masterpiece, and a tribute to his wife to boot. (We told you cheese is our love language.) We recommend pairing this cheese board standout with medium to full bodied Italian reds such as Chianti or Montepulciano.

Pleasant Ridge Reserve – Uplands Cheese

The second layer in the Vineyard Cake is a cheese world icon that’s stolen hearts across the country. Uplands Cheese’s Pleasant Ridge Reserve is the most-awarded cheese in American history. This bold alpine-style creation can hold its own amidst the other two wine-infused wheels – a rich and hearty contender with a long, fruity finish that’s right at home next to a flute of Champagne.

Uplands Cheese was founded by not one but two couples and is now run by another two couples, so this cheesy love story has layers. Pleasant Ridge Reserve pairs beautifully with dry Champagnes and fine Chardonnays.

Merlot BellaVitano – Sartori

The third and final layer of the Vineyard Cake is a perfect marriage unto itself: Sartori’s Merlot BellaVitano weds their rich, creamy Wisconsin Original BellaVitano to the berry and plum notes of Merlot.

Sartori just might have created the world’s most romantic cheese with this one. Merlot is the obvious pairing choice for this scarlet stunner, but it will also play well with Shiraz and Pinot Noir.

Dress It Up

Setting the stage for this cake is all about embracing the vineyard aesthetic. Here’s how you can complete the scene:

Act natural. Decorate the cake itself with vines, fresh figs, grape bunches, and floral arrangements. Your cake will conjure the rolling hills of a winery even if you’re not at an actual vineyard.

Pour one out. What’s a vineyard without wine? Surround your cake with a selection of bottles (make sure they pair well with whatever cheeses you build your cake with) and, of course, beautiful glassware.

Don’t forget the details. Be sure to include dedicated serving ware. We suggest a deep gold color palette with some deep red linens added in for extra color.

Whether your big day is unfolding in the California countryside or in your own backyard, a vineyard-inspired cheese wedding cake will make your day that much more toast worthy. Here’s to you!


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