Cheese Wedding Cakes: Old Fashioned Romance

January 17, 2020

Cheese Wedding Cakes: Old Fashioned Romance

For the die-hard Wisconsite couple, we dreamed up a wedding cake featuring not one but two hometown heroes: Wisconsin artisan cheese and a Wisconsin Old Fashioned. 

A match made in cheese heaven

If you’re new to the State of Cheese, a quick primer: cakes of cheese  – a tiered, decked out masterpiece made entirely of the world’s greatest wheels and wedges from right here in Wisconsin  – are  our take on the classic wedding cake. Because when you love cheese as much as we do, it’s got to be the centerpiece when you tie the knot.

As for the Wisconsin Old Fashioned, that’s a classic supper club cocktail with a unique Wisco twist. We make our Old Fashioneds with brandy and serve them  sweet or sour – topping it off with either lemon-lime or grapefruit soda (pro tip: we love Squirt because you get the best of both worlds). Add cherries (we prefer ours from up north in Door County) and oranges as a garnish, and voila! You’ve got yourself an Old Fashioned they way they were meant to be made.

In this cheesy take on the traditional wedding cake, we married sublime wheels of local cheese with the fruity, boozy glory of our state’s favorite cocktail. The result? Nothing short of a new Wisconsin classic!

Love at first bite

Behind every wheel of Wisconsin cheese is a story – and more often than not, it’s a love story. Here are the tales behind the wheels that make up our Wisconsin Old Fashioned cake of cheese.

Tennessee Whiskey BellaVitano – Sartori 

The masters at Sartori Cheese in Plymouth, Wisconsin, are the matchmakers behind this remarkable, rich creation that brings smooth Tennessee whiskey and creamy BellaVitano into delicious harmony. Affectionately known as the love child of Parmesan and Gouda, BellaVitano is a Wisconsin Original that’s taken home countless awards. 

Combined with the sweet smokiness of whiskey, this cheese is proof that when you find the perfect partner, anything is possible.

The Doe – Deer Creek Cheese

Speaking of the perfect partner, this insanely imaginative wheel wouldn’t exist if Deer Creek Cheese owner Chris Gentine hadn’t found his.

Chris’ wife, Julie, came up with the idea for The Doe, a creamy bandage-wrapped cheddar marbled with intoxicating pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla bean. The result is a velvety, decadent standout with a sweet, woody finish – the ultimate cheesy indulgence for your big day. 

Dunbarton Blue – Roelli Cheese Haus

Why is Dunbarton Blue, an exceptional, blue-veined white cheddar, an ideal wedding day cheese? Besides the fact that it’s an incredibly approachable, crowd-pleasing, cheddar-blue hybrid, it also represents a new beginning. Master Cheesemaker Chris Roelli built his business on Dunbarton, his first-ever foray into artisan cheese that re-launched his family’s nearly 100-year-old business into a new chapter as a globally recognized innovator.

May your new beginning be just as auspicious as his.

Setting the stage

Looking to create your own Wisconsin Old-Fashioned wedding cake? Here are a few tips:

Add some color. Dress up the cake itself with orange slices, cherries, and greenery. The bright hues will stand out beautifully against the deep cream tones of the cheese wheels.

Raise the bar. This cake is not complete without an accompanying Wisconsin Old Fashioned bar. Include all the fixin’s – brandy, angostura bitters, sugar cubes, cherries, soda, and other garnishes of your choice – and if you really want to go all out, throw in a custom shotski. If you know, you know.

Tell the story. Round out your Wisconsin wedding experience with some signage. Keep it as simple as “Wisconsin Old Fashioned Bar” or get creative with a cocktail recipe and cheese markers.

Whether you’re a born-and-raised Packer fan or simply a lover of all things Wisconsin, we hope this cake brings the spirit of the State of Cheese to your big day!


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Bent626 .

This cake is so beautiful! Old Fashioneds are one of my favorite cocktails, so I love seeing the mashup of my favorite cocktail and my favorite food - cheese! So gorgeous. P.S. - I love the color the oranges bring.