3 Simple and Quick Sheet-Pan Recipes

March 9, 2020

3 Simple and Quick Sheet-Pan Recipes

The humble sheet pan is one of the most versatile tools in your kitchen arsenal and we don’t think it gets the appreciation it deserves. That’s why we’re highlighting three of our favorite cheesy sheet-pan recipes that can be prepped in just 20 minutes.  

Sweet and Spicy Roasted Cauliflower

Cauliflower is one of those veggies that’s simply misunderstood. The appeal of cauliflower isn’t necessarily the vegetable itself, but its brilliant ability to act like a blank canvas that soaks up whatever delicious flavors you add to it. We start by tossing our cauliflower in olive oil before baking for 20-25 minutes.

Once it’s crisp and tender, we add a special sauce of honey, brown sugar, and chili garlic sauce. But we’re not done yet, this where our cherished cheese comes in. All that nutty goodness from Hook’s Pepper Jack melts over the roasted cauliflower and in 2-3 short minutes, you’ll be in foodie heaven. 

Featured Cheeses

Hook's Pepper Jack: If you were looking for a spicy kick, you’ll find it right here with Hook’s Pepper Jack. Pepper Jack, which is an offshoot of monterey jack, is buttery and mild on its own but Hook’s addition of ground Jalapeno peppers brings some extra character without overwhelming this cheese’s humble charm. Don’t be too intimidated, we’d say that heat here is approachable for nearly any cheese lover.

Looking for something even spicier? Feel free to sub in another variety of Wisconsin-made monterey jack to satisfy your need for heat. 

Get the full ingredient list and recipe here.

Roasted Grapes and Broccoli with Feta

You’ll have to trust us here, but this combo of savory broccoli, sweet grapes, and tangy feta is a must-try. It’s like a movie where three unlikely superheroes get together to save the world and become best friends in the process.

Thankfully though, the payoff here is much more satisfying than a good story. Our recipe gives the broccoli and grapes some time to get to know each other in the oven before introducing the star of the show—feta cheese—to tie everything together. 

Featured Cheese

Café Olympia™ Feta Cheese Crumbles: Here in Wisconsin we’re all about tradition, but that doesn’t mean we don’t push the boundaries occasionally. Feta is traditionally made from either sheep or goat’s milk, but Wisconsin feta, like this cheese made at Nasonville Dairy, is made with cow’s milk.Wisconsin feta is lighter and a bit less gamey than its Greek counterpart while holding onto the tart and fresh flavor we all love. 

Fun Fact: Nasonville Dairy is one of Wisconsin’s oldest feta makers with over 30 years of experience. Why go across the Atlantic when award-winning feta is right at your doorstep? 

Get the full ingredient list and recipe here.

Roasted Veggies with Whipped Ricotta

Craving some snackable finger-food that’s still healthy? This recipe is for you. Warm, oven-roasted veggies with a homemade ricotta dip is exactly what you need to satisfy your munchies—guilt-free. This isn’t just any ricotta dip; this is a ricotta and parmesan dip.

Cheese is better enjoyed in pairs and the added parmesan introduces some nuttiness and depth that contrasts beautifully with the fresh and mild ricotta. 

Featured Cheeses

Clock Shadow Creamery Ricotta: Ricotta is one of those cheeses that’s a team player. It’s always happy to share the spotlight and its cohesive texture gives it an ability to hold together ingredients in a way few other cheeses do. Clock Shadow Creamery specializes in fresh cheeses like ricotta and they know all the secrets to craft award-winning ricotta.

Nordic Creamery Parmesan: When most of us think of parmesan, we think of crystalline, dense cheese. Not this variety of fresh parmesan from Nordic Creamery. This semi-hard cheese has all the nutty goodness of parmesan, but toned down to be more approachable and creamy. All the better to blend into our ricotta dip.

Get the full ingredient list and recipe here.


Armed with these three recipes and your trusty sheet pan at your side you’ll be ready to chow down on delicious home-cooked sides before you know it.  Looking for more inspiration? Choose from our selection of over 300 handcrafted recipes featuring Wisconsin Cheese. Share your sheet pan wonders with us on Instagram or Facebook and become part of the largest cheese community in the world.


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