5 Must-Try Breakfast for Dinner Recipes

April 2, 2020

5 Must-Try Breakfast for Dinner Recipes

Breakfast for dinner? Brinner? Supper? Whatever you decide to call it, life is too short to limit breakfast food to just morning hours. Today we’re highlighting five of our favorite quick and cheesy recipes to get you excited for dinner again.

Gouda Mashed Potato Waffles

It might sound far-fetched—but bear with us—gouda and leftover mashed potatoes make the best and most savory waffles ever.

It’s time for the humble waffle to expand beyond just a sugary breakfast food. Our Gouda Mashed Potato Waffles are crazy crisp on the outside, yet fluffy on the inside, just like they’re supposed to be. The only difference? They’re savory, and most importantly—they’re made with Wisconsin cheese. 

Featured Cheeses

Marieke® Gouda Plain Young: When it comes to making gouda—Marieke Gouda is legendary, it’s in the name after all. Since crafting their first batch of award-winning gouda back in 2006, they’ve been racking up accolades and delighting cheese lovers across the world. Their Plain Young variety of gouda is extra buttery and smooth, making it a seamless addition to our waffle batter.

Recipe Tip: If the batter is runny or wet, add flour (1 tablespoon at a time) until it thickens. If your batter is too dry, try adding another egg for more moisture. 

Get the recipe for our Gouda Mashed Potato Waffles here.

Maple Cheddar Dutch Baby

Wisconsin cheddar, bacon, maple syrup, and fresh-cut apple slices come together in one Dutch baby. Welcome to heaven in a skillet.

Your standard Dutch baby is a breakfast classic—simple, sweet, and oh so satisfying. But this is no standard Dutch baby: it’s something much more. We took everything that makes the Dutch baby great and added in a trifecta of cheddar cheese, thick-cut bacon, and fresh maple syrup. Between the pillowy pancake and the tartness of the apples, this recipe strikes a perfect balance of being rich and self-indulgent without being overwhelmingly heavy.

Featured Cheeses

Renard’s Maple Syrup Cheddar: Pairing cheese and maple syrup is a no-brainer, but this cheddar from Renard’s Cheese takes things a step further. Starting with their award-winning cheddar, Renard’s infuses real maple syrup in before the aging process to create something incredibly unique. The salty flavors of the cheddar balance the sweetness of the maple syrup beautifully.  

Get the recipe for Maple Cheddar Dutch Baby here.

Veggie-Sausage Italian Frittata

Breakfast, dinner, lunch—it doesn’t matter. Our quick and flavorful frittata is loaded with fresh veggies, sausage, provolone, and parmesan so you can chow down on some home-cooked goodness anytime. 

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of having a good frittata before, you’re in for a treat. A frittata is like a cross between an omelet and quiche. Don’t let the fancy name fool you though—it’s an absolute breeze to prepare.

Featured Cheeses

Lynn Dairy Provolone: Provolone is a semi-hard aged cheese whose flavor blossoms with age. In this frittata, the provolone adds a slight tang and nuttiness that pairs wonderfully with the rich eggs and sausage. You won’t be provo-lonely with this crowd-pleasing cheese in your fridge.

Sartori Classic Parmesan: We couldn’t create an Italian-inspired frittata and not include one of our favorite Italian-style cheeses! Sartori Company is one of Wisconsin’s most decorated parmesan producers and their Classic Parmesan is a great place to start. Just sprinkle some grated parm on your fresh-out-the-oven frittata and you’ll be in heaven.

Recipe Tip: If you like your provolone with more of a bite you can substitute in variety that’s been aged a bit longer. 

Get the recipe for this Veggie Sausage Italian Frittata here.

Gouda Sweet Potato Waffles

We couldn’t stop at just one waffle recipe, so we created another—this time with sweet potato.

Our other waffle recipe was so gouda that we had to try another, and we’re glad we did. This four-ingredient sweet potato waffle recipe follows identical instructions to its sister recipe but uses sweet potato instead of regular mashed potatoes. This recipe has more contrast between the cheese and the waffles due to extra natural sugar in sweet potatoes. Which recipe will you like more? There’s only one way to find out—try both!

Featured Cheese

Marieke® Gouda Plain Young: As far as these waffle recipes are concerned—all roads lead to Marieke Gouda. This gorgeous gouda is only aged for 2-4 months to maintain its springy texture and mellow flavor. We use it in our batter, grate it on top as a garnish, and snack on it while our waffles cook—you’ll want to get extra.

Get our Gouda Sweet Potato Waffle recipe here.

Vegetable Frittata with Asiago Cheese

For the vegetarians in your life, this Frittata ditches the sausage and replaces it with a generous serving freshly chopped veggies.

If you’re looking for a lighter version of our sausage frittata, this vegetable and asiago variation checks all the boxes. Featuring enough veggies to stock a Wisconsin farmers market—being healthy has never tasted so good. 

Featured Cheeses

Saxon® Creamery Asiago Fresca: Asiago is the underappreciated stepsibling of parmesan and doesn’t get nearly enough love if you ask us. Compared to parmesan, asiago has a lighter, fruiter flavor making it an ideal addition to our vegetable frittata. Saxon Creamery ages this cheese for just 30 days (hence the “Fresca”) for a more elastic texture compared to granular aged varieties. 

Get the recipe for our Vegetable Frittata with Asiago Cheese here.


There’s nothing quite like ending your day with breakfast food and cheese. Don’t forget to share your breakfast for dinner creations with us on Facebook and Instagram. Looking for something to cover lunch too? Pick from our selection of over 300 recipes featuring Wisconsin cheese


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