Red Apple Cheese is a family of cheeses, including Apple Smoked brand, Naturally Good Kosher brand, Waxed Screaming Dutchman brand, flavored Red Apple brand, non-fat Skinny Cheese brand and shelf-stable Cracker Top brand - all made from 100% natural milk. Prior to smoking, Apple Smoked cheeses are aged to enhance the taste. Cheesemakers then slowly and naturally cold-smoke each piece of cheese with a specially aged apple pulp and hardwood so a hint of apple flavor can be tasted in each sharp rich flavored piece. You'll find the Red Apple special accent is a perfect smoked flavor. Give them a try as table cheeses, to complement your favorite fruit plates, sprinkled over tacos, shredded on pizza, added to traditional Italian dishes, or as toppings on warm veggies and burgers. The possibilities are limitless with Red Apple Cheese on hand!