Larry and Maria Westhoff started LW Dairy on August 1, 2001, bringing home-delivered, glass-bottled milk back to Milwaukee and Madison after a long absence. Larry and Maria owned a 70-cow dairy farm in northeast Wisconsin for five years, and eventually became concerned about the quality and taste of milk consumers had to purchase at grocery and convenience stores. Larry and Maria sold their herd of cows for a fleet of trucks and have been doing home delivery ever since. Answering customers' desires for local, as well as fresh, rBGH-free milk, the couple opened their own Grade A dairy plant in Ashippun, Wisconsin. After years of research, planning and adventures traveling the country for just the right equipment to produce the best tasting milk, the first bottle of milk rolled off the line on June 8, 2008. Today, Larry and Maria, along with their six children, are committed to offering high-quality milk at an affordable price through home delivery. And, above all, they are committed to providing the best tasting milk in the country.