Specialty Cheese Company is one of the nation's top manufacturers of Hispanic, Indian, Middle Eastern, Greek, Polish, Filipino and other ethnic cheeses. They also manufacture their unique Crunchy Baked Cheese snacks - a healthy, crunchy snack that is shelf-stable and nutritious. In addition, you'll find exotic frying cheeses with flavors such as pineapple and mango, garlic and chive, jalapeno and more. Fun fact: In 1991, Specialty Cheese Company purchased five old cheese factories dating back to the 1860’s. While the exact dates of these factories are a bit obscure, the oldest factory had been making cheese continuously for 160 years. You see, the earliest real estate deed Specialty Cheese Company could find for that factory simply said that when it was sold in 1860 it was already being used as a cheese factory. That makes the plant the oldest cheese plant in Wisconsin - with a roadside plaque to show it.