Cold-Weather Cravings

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The Winter 2023 Issue

The Thrill of the Chill

Temperatures are falling, and snow is calling, but these recipes and ideas will help you embrace winter’s chilly arrival. Learn fiery tricks for serving and cooking with artisan cheeses that pack a spicy, chili-pepper punch. Or ignite the flames of passion with a romantic date night cheese board. Is it getting warmer? Melt into winter your way with a duo of cheese-stuffed crepes and the best cheeses for creating velvety sauces, gooey fondues and hot-from-the-kitchen meals.

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Let’s Get Cookin’

Banish the brrr and warm up to cozy dishes like crepes stuffed with savory steak and melty brick cheese, Spicy Potato-Sausage Soup and baked meatballs topped with butterkäse-kissed toasts. Do you want something on the sweet side? Our red and white checkerboard cake made with buttery mascarpone and white chocolate will set your world on fire.

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