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Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin supports and promotes Wisconsin dairy and Proudly Wisconsin Cheese.  When you partner with us, The Proudly Wisconsin Cheese badge is a way to immediately communicate superior flavor and craftmanship for any menu item that includes Wisconsin Cheese. 

Adding the Proudly Wisconsin Cheese badge to your menu can help drive sales. 71% of consumers would be more likely to order an item with cheese if they see the Proudly Wisconsin Cheese badge.

Wisconsin is the State of Cheese

Meet Our Farmers

Wisconsin Cheese Starts with the Best Quality Milk

For nearly 200 years, generations of Wisconsin dairy farmers have provided local cheesemakers with the superior quality milk they need to craft exceptional specialty cheese. Today our state is home to nearly a quarter of the nation's total dairy farms, 95% of which are family owned. Our farm families understand the importance of keeping cows healthy and comfortable, as well as managing land and water resources. Their stringent standards ensure Wisconsin cheese and dairy products begin with safe, quality, wholesome milk.

Meet the families behind Wisconsin dairy and learn about their dedication to their animals, environment and communities.

Culinary Storytelling with Chef Luke Zahm

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Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin
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