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Learn the secrets of creating the best fall-inspired cheese pairings. 

Butter….butter-case? Butter-käseh? Learn the history, tasting notes, and pronunciation of this much beloved German cheese.

What happens when you bring together two of America’s culinary sweethearts?

This jewel of Wisconsin might just be the greatest cheese discovery you’ve ever made.

Learn all about the noisiest cheese out there: the perfectly squeaky fresh cheese curd.

Enjoy the best of autumn with these seasonally inspired cheese and beer pairings.

How do you celebrate National Pizza Month? With a pizza pie piled high with Wisconsin Cheese, of course! 

If you love nose-kicking limburgers and barnyardy blues, join us in celebrating Moldy Cheese Day!

Join us on a cheesy journey exploring some of Wisconsin’s most treasured alpine-style cheeses.

A look at six cheeses that were born and bred in Wisconsin, combining Old World cheesemaking traditions with America's innate restlessness to innovate.

This creamy, sumptuous cheese is the perfect topping to, well, just about everything.

These delicious recipes are packed with summer vegetables and Wisconsin cheese for the perfect grill day.

Learn everything a cheese lover needs to know about America’s favorite cheese, mozzarella! 

Everything you’ve wanted—and needed—to know about pairing jams with cheese.

Legendary licensed cheese grader Chris Gentine teams up with Master Cheesemakers to make curd dreams come true at Deer Creek Cheese.

Learn all about what makes Wisconsin the cheese capital of the world.

Aging can transform mild, soft cheeses into the caramelly, nutty, creations of your dreams.

Whether you’re at the Wisconsin State Fair or at home, fried cheese curds are the key to happiness and a grate time.

This buttery cheese combines Danish heritage with Wisconsin dairy for universal appeal.

From the foothills of the Alps to the green pastures of Wisconsin, gorgonzola’s storied history is one worth appreciating. 

Celebrate Easter the Wisconsin way with three of our favorite cheesy and eye-catching side dishes.

It’s basically a Ph.D. in cheese--and the prestigious program yields some delicious results.

Supper clubs are an iconic mainstay of Wisconsin, filled with comfort food and good conversation.

Ready to find some new favorite cheeses? Try these unique offerings from Wisconsin Cheese.

From gouda’s ancient origins to tasting notes and pairing recommendations, we’re here with everything you’ve ever wondered about this delicious cheese.

Find the right knife for every cheese and occasion with this guide to cheese knives and tools.

Stay warm this winter with five of our favorite cheesy pasta recipes.

Take your butter to the next level by infusing it with fruits, herbs, and—of course—cheese. 

The smells of warm bread and the tantalizing aroma of fresh cinnamon rolls, is there anything better on a cold winter day? The answer is “yes” of course, as there’s one crucial and tasty ingredient missing: Wisconsin Cheese. 

Give the gift of Wisconsin Cheese with this list of curated cheese gift baskets perfect for the cheese lover in your life.

Learn the story, science, and pairing options for the cheese world’s most divisive member: blue cheese

Explore the history, tradition, and story behind parmesan: the old-world cheese turned new-world favorite. 

We’ve got you covered with easy Thanksgiving side dishes that are no-fuss, comforting, and delicious.

Our guide to cooking the tastiest--and cheesiest--Thanksgiving feast for friends.

Avoid anxiety in front of the cheese counter with these tips to finding and buying your next favorite cheese.

Step aside, turkey! Meet the cheesy centerpiece of your Thanksgiving feast.

Meet Colby, the Wisconsin original that has been putting smiles on cheese lover’s faces since 1885.

Trick or treat? More like trick or eat – we’re chowing down on some delicious cheese this Halloween.

Pizza is the canvas, cheese is the paint—and you, cheese lover, are the artist.

Learn the origin behind one of the world’s most popular cheeses: cheddar.

Moldy cheese might feel out of your comfort zone, but trust us—a challenging cheese is a rewarding cheese.

Combine your love of cheese and the harvest season with these delicious recipes.

Celebrate Oktoberfest the Wisconsin way with our guide to the food, beer—and cheese.

Cheese pairing might seem like a daunting task, but with a few simple guidelines, you’ll be a pairing pro in no time.

Find your perfect pairing with this simple guide to pairing white wine with your favorite cheeses

Find your perfect pairing with this simple guide to matching red wine with your favorite cheeses

The cheese life is not for the faint of heart. That’s not a problem for Master Cheesemaker Tom Dahmen.

Randy Pitman paved his own road to mastery with help from a true Wisconsin original.

Combine your love for grilling with your love for Wisconsin cheese. You’ll be the official grill master of your home no time.

Meet Wisconsin’s favorite Dutchwoman, whose rich, buttery gouda won our hearts (and the Superbowl of cheese).

When Chris Roelli introduced Dunbarton Blue, it was more than a new Wisconsin Original: it was a moment of reinvention.

Find your perfect pairing with this simple guide to matching rosé wine with your favorite cheeses

Tony Hook’s small-but-mighty factory and independent spirit keep him free to create.

Learn the basics of pairing cocktails with your favorite cheeses.

What do feta and fast cars have in common? According to Steve Buholzer, a lot more than you’d think.

How Master Cheesemaker Bill Hanson brought the home of Colby-Jack back to life.

Whatever your liquor of choice, there’s a never-ending selection of Wisconsin cheeses to pair with. 

After traveling around the world, Jeff Wideman knows one thing for sure: nobody does cheese like Wisconsin.

Tired of having the same-old for dinner? Turn your routine on its head in the tastiest way possible with these breakfast for dinner recipes featuring Wisconsin cheese. 

See our top five mac and cheese recipes made with authentic Wisconsin Cheese. Home-cooked comfort food has never been so easy. 

Busy, tired, and hungry? We’ve curated five easy and cheesy dinner recipes for any occasion. One-pot pasta wonders, slow-cooked chowder, and more!

Because, honestly, all the best snacks have cheese in them.

Warm your heart (and belly) with six of our favorite soup recipes featuring Wisconsin Cheese. 

See our top seven cheese pairing suggestions to transform pantry staples and common snacks into ideal cheese board pairings.

For Larry Harris, being a Master Cheesemaker comes second only to being a mentor

Looking for your next favorite side dish? We combined roasted veggies with bold, rich cheeses in these recipes that can be made with a simple sheet pan 

A look back at three Wisconsin cheeses that have taken home the top prize at artisan cheese contests.

Mike Brennenstuhl was born to make cheese. Cave-aged, artisan cheese, to be exact.

Sid Cook crafts mind-blowing original cheeses with an old-school sensibility

With an Instant Pot®, incredible weeknight meals are mere minutes away. Just add cheese and you’re well on your way to a delicious masterpiece.

Pairing beer and cheese is just like dating: you need enough commonality to get along, but enough contrast to keep things interesting. Sound good? Grab your pint glasses and cheese knives because we’re ready for adventure!

How a boy destined for farm life found true love in cheesemaking.

In the spirit of love and great cheese, we’ve compiled a romantic date night menu to show the cheese lover in your life how much you care. 

Joe Widmer believes the old ways are the best ways – especially when it comes to making Brick cheese.

An adult spin on the classic DIY pizza party is the perfect solution to throwing a party and getting to enjoy your company, and we’ve prepared some tips for making yours a wild success.

Steve Stettler is the ultimate curd nerd. Get to know the Master Cheesemaker who's about to become the world’s first cheese curd Master.

Every appetizer out there can benefit from Wisconsin Cheese. Check out our top four recipe draft picks for your ultimate game day spread.

At the last Limburger factory in America, one man is on the road to mastering the king of stinky cheese.

Bruce Workman has more Master Cheesemaker medals than anyone else in the country – and it comes through in his exceptional big-wheel Emmentaler Swiss.

Planning an autumn wedding? Forget the frosting and fall in love with this harvest-inspired cake of cheese.

What’s the one thing you’d bring to a desert island? If you said cheese, this is the wedding cake for you.

Cheese and wine tie the knot in a cake that’s a tier above average.

A groom’s cake should be made with the second and third loves of his life: beer and cheese.

What do you get when you combine Wisconsin’s favorite food and favorite cocktail in wedding cake form? The perfect marriage!

To the ladies who go straight for the cheese plate at any party: your bridal shower needs this fromage masterpiece.

Dreaming of a cheese wedding cake but can’t choose just three wheels? This is your perfect match!

Deciphering how much cheese goes into one cup might seem like tasty rocket science, but fret not cheese lovers, it’s simpler than you think.

Bob Wills left a life in politics and law to become a cheesemaker, and went on to take the cheese world by storm.

Clean energy and fresh milk come together in next-level mozzarella and mascarpone at Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese.

Although sparkling wines all have their own unique quirks and features, they all go brilliantly with cheese. We’ll break down everything you need to know so you can plan a cheese-filled celebration with confidence.

From a new world record to a cheese festival's centennial celebration, here's a look back at some of the most notable Wisconsin Cheese memories from the past decade. 

For Chris Renard, living the cheese life is a family matter.

Pam Hodgson is the second woman to ever hold the title of Master Cheesemaker, but if she has anything to say about it, she won’t be the last.

Easy to make, visually stunning, and with something to please everyone, this Holiday Spirits cheese board will get you in the holiday spirit the Wisconsin Cheese way.

At Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese, Kerry Henning is big into keeping old-school cheesemaking alive – from mammoth wheels to traditional techniques.

Master Cheesemaker Dan Stearns works hard and plays hard.

You might be wondering, “how can cheese be shipped safely?” Rest assured, cheese can safely travel thousands of miles--straight to your mouth--without losing any of its deliciousness. 

One of the Master Cheesemaker program’s newest students is on his whey to a bright future. 

Whether you’re tailgating before the big game or watching from the comfort of your living room, we have prepared some snack suggestions sure to have everyone cheering for Wisconsin Cheese. 

Call up your besties and open a bottle of wine, because it’s time to put a modern twist on Thanksgiving traditions--the Wisconsin Cheese way.

Life as a third generation cheesemaker is hard work, but Ryan LaGrander wouldn’t have it any other way.

The only thing Ken Heiman loves more than cheese is the state that makes it.

 Imagine grilled cheese…without bread. Intrigued? Welcome to the world of juustoleipä.

Some quick lessons on how to keep the newest (and tastiest) member of your fridge happy. 

Wisconsin’s own action hero of the cheese world makes the other Bruce Willis look like mild cheddar.

The world of cheese often seems to have its own language, chock-full of interesting and unique words and phrases. Fear not, cheese lover, we’ll break down all the cheese terms and vocabulary you need to know. 

Although most rinds are safely edible, some are better removed before enjoying the cheese underneath. We’ll break down what you need to know to get into a cheese lover's state of rind.

Lights, camera, action! Last week Wisconsin cheese got its big Hollywood break with a feature on the Kelly Clarkson Show. We love sharing our love of cheese and we were more than happy to show Kelly and her guests what makes Wisconsin cheese so great. 

Have you ever tried a new cheese, only to find that you don’t have the words to describe just how good it is? We’ve been there, so we took the liberty of writing this guide on how to talk about cheese.

Any way you shape it or slice it, Wisconsin Cheese is the tastiest around. Before you plan your next cheese party, check out our handy guide to cheese cutting. With the right tools (and a few tips of the trade), you’ll be a cheese cutting pro in no time.

There’s no doubt cheese curds are the squeaky darlings of Wisconsin, but you don’t have to wait for the next fair season to enjoy these crispy, crunchy Wisconsin wonders. Just grab some curds, break out your air fryer and read on… 

Building a show-stopping cheese board doesn’t have to be intimidating. Our handy guide will help you plan, prep and present a board designed to take your guests’ breath away before they dig in it. 

Take a cheesy trip south of the border and learn everything you need to know about queso fresco cheese.

Celebrate summer with these easy and cheesy tips and recipes.

A growing trend with a juicy future, hard apple cider has local folks buzzing. Fall is a great time to get familiar with this fresh-pressed libation that pairs perfectly with almost anything, especially specialty cheese.

It's hole-y, it's buttery smooth, it's swiss cheese! Learn all about what makes Wisconsin's swiss so special.

We’ve put together a comprehensive how-to guide on pairing meat and cheese and setting up the best charcuterie board – ever. Start planning your next party now.

Intimidated by the idea of pairing cheese and wine? Don’t worry—we’re here to help. You’ll be pairing like a pro in no time.

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