Cheese Wedding Cakes: With This Cake, I Thee Wedge

January 16, 2020

Cheese Wedding Cakes: With This Cake, I Thee Wedge
Cheese wedding cakes – a delicious trend that’s taken Wisconsin by storm – usually have three wheels to create a classic tiered look. But with so many incredible local cheeses, who can choose just three? For the couple who wants to have it all, a wedge-based cake delivers all the beauty with even more cheesy magic. Read on to learn how you can create your own!

Wedge Out

We’ll admit it: we went a little nuts with this one. Loaded with eight different varieties of glorious Wisconsin Cheese, this cake is a choose-your-own-adventure in fromage form.

Here are the wedges that made the cut:

Antonella Garden Vegetable & Sweet Basil – Blaser’s

Packed with fresh veggie flavor and hand rolled in aromatic basil, this bold and colorful antonella is right at home as a showstopping cake topper. Munch this savory concoction on a cracker or let it shine all on its own.

Antonella Pepperoni & Marinara – Blaser’s

When ordering our pizza with extra cheese just isn’t enough, we reach for this pepperoni and marinara masterpiece. Crafted with two iconic pizza toppings and dressed up in a gorgeous, tomato-red rind, it’s another eye-catching choice for the top tier of your cake.

Prairie Sunset – Roth Cheese

This strikingly beautiful Wisconsin Original was inspired by the color and soul of the American Heartland at sunset.

It’s a dense, chewy table cheese similar to French Mimolette, with a subtle butterscotch sweetness and a balanced hit of acidity on the finish. 

Jeff’s Select – Caves of Faribault

Crafted through a cross-state partnership between two Midwestern cheesemakers, this exceptional aged gouda delivers a satisfying crystalline crunch with a tangy kick. The cheesemakers who created Jeff’s Select call the painstaking aging process a “labor of love,” so it’s clearly the perfect cheese for a wedding.

Chardonnay BellaVitano – Sartori

The cheese geniuses at Sartori know how to pair wine and cheese whether it’s at the dinner table or right in the wheel. Bright, buttery Chardonnay compliments their creamy BellaVitano in this exceptional infusion that’ll have you toasting to Wisconsin.

Black Pepper BellaVitano – Sartori

In another delectable spin on their rich, nutty BellaVitano, Sartori takes the fruit of the black pepper vine and rubs it on the rind to add little fire. A former Best Cheese In America award winner, this one’ll give you zest for life!

Merlot BellaVitano – Sartori

Sartori’s Merlot BellaVitano weds their rich, creamy Wisconsin Original BellaVitano to the berry and plum notes of Merlot. It’s an exceptional table cheese that goes perfectly with – you guessed it – Merlot.

BellaVitano Gold – Sartori

Can you tell we love our BellaVitano? This final wedge comes from a wheel of BellaVitano Gold, which pulls back on the bells and whistles to let the cheese shine. Think of it as the love child of farmstead Parmesan and classic cheddar – a magnificently creamy wedge that finishes with decadent hints of melted butter.

Not sure what drinks to serve alongside your cheese wedge wonderland? We’ve got you covered. Find everything you need in our Pairing Guide.

Finishing touches

With so many different cheeses in one cake, you can keep decorative touches subtle.

Catch the bouquet. Adding in a few sprigs of fresh flowers that match your wedding motif will elevate the cake and tie it in with your larger theme.

Pair off. A few bunches of grapes and fresh figs on the side imbue a little extra visual interest while also making delicious cheese pairings.

Guide your guests. Place a small wooden sign into one of each type of cheese to help guests navigate this tower of cheese finery.

Already imagining the wedges your own cheese wedding cake will contain? Then our work here is done! Start the search for your own cheesy dream team here.


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