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Cheesemakers (28)

Legendary licensed cheese grader Chris Gentine teams up with Master Cheesemakers to make curd dreams come true at Deer Creek Cheese.

It’s basically a Ph.D. in cheese--and this prestigious program yields some delicious results.

The cheese life is not for the faint of heart. That’s not a problem for Master Cheesemaker Tom Dahmen.

Randy Pitman paved his own road to mastery with help from a true Wisconsin original.

Meet Wisconsin’s favorite Dutchwoman, whose rich, buttery gouda won our hearts (and the Superbowl of cheese).

When Chris Roelli introduced Dunbarton Blue, it was more than a new Wisconsin Original: it was a moment of reinvention.

Tony Hook’s small-but-mighty factory and independent spirit keep him free to create.

What do feta and fast cars have in common? According to Steve Buholzer, a lot more than you’d think.

How Master Cheesemaker Bill Hanson brought the home of Colby-Jack back to life.

After traveling around the world, Jeff Wideman knows one thing for sure: nobody does cheese like Wisconsin.

For Larry Harris, being a Master Cheesemaker comes second only to being a mentor.

Mike Brennenstuhl was born to make cheese. Cave-aged, artisan cheese, to be exact.

Sid Cook crafts mind-blowing original cheeses with an old-school sensibility

How a boy destined for farm life found true love in cheesemaking.

Joe Widmer believes the old ways are the best ways – especially when it comes to making Brick cheese.

Steve Stettler is the ultimate curd nerd. Get to know the Master Cheesemaker who became the world’s first cheese curd Master.

At the last Limburger factory in America, one man is on the road to mastering the king of stinky cheese.

Bruce Workman has more Master Cheesemaker medals than anyone else in the country – and it comes through in his exceptional big-wheel Emmentaler Swiss.

Bob Wills left a life in politics and law to become a cheesemaker and went on to take the cheese world by storm.

Clean energy and fresh milk come together in next-level mozzarella and mascarpone at Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese.

For Chris Renard, living the cheese life is a family matter.

Pam Hodgson is the second woman to ever hold the title of Master Cheesemaker, but if she has anything to say about it, she won’t be the last.

At Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese, Kerry Henning is big into keeping old-school cheesemaking alive – from mammoth wheels to traditional techniques.

Master Cheesemaker Dan Stearns works hard and plays hard.

One of the Master Cheesemaker program’s newest students is on his whey to a bright future. 

Life as a third generation cheesemaker is hard work, but Ryan LaGrander wouldn’t have it any other way.

The only thing Ken Heiman loves more than cheese is the state that makes it.

Wisconsin’s own action hero of the cheese world makes the other Bruce Willis look like mild cheddar.