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Building a show-stopping cheeseboard doesn’t have to be intimidating. Our handy guide will help you plan, prep and present a board designed to take your guests’ breath away before they dig in it. 

Any way you shape it or slice it, Wisconsin Cheese is the tastiest around. Before you plan your next cheese party, check out our handy guide to cheese cutting. With the right tools (and a few tips of the trade), you’ll be a cheese cutting pro in no time.

Have you ever tried a new cheese, only to find that you don’t have the words to describe just how good it is? We’ve been there, so we took the liberty of writing this guide on how to talk about cheese.

Although most rinds are safely edible, some are better removed before enjoying the cheese underneath. We’ll break down what you need to know to get into a cheese lover's state of rind.

The world of cheese often seems to have its own language, chock-full of interesting and unique words and phrases. Fear not, cheese lover, we’ll break down all the cheese terms and vocabulary you need to know. 

Some quick lessons on how to keep the newest (and tastiest) member of your fridge happy. 

 Imagine grilled cheese…without bread. Intrigued? Welcome to the world of juustoleipä.

Deciphering how much cheese goes into one cup might seem like tasty rocket science, but fret not cheese lovers, it’s simpler than you think.

Whatever your liquor of choice, there’s a never-ending selection of Wisconsin cheeses to pair with.