Yodelay is a Swiss Yogurt, made with a natural blend of locally-sourced milk from Brown Swiss Cows and imported traditions that come together to create a yogurt that’s not quite like any you’ve ever had. We can chronicle what we put into each cup…but the taste defies description. Words like “fruitier” and “smoother” and “creamier” are what we hear from people when they try Yodelay for the first time. If you’re expecting the dense, heavy consistency of a Greek-style yogurt… well, that’s not Yodelay. But if you’re looking for a naturally tart, yet sweet burst of fruit-forward flavor and a silky smooth texture, Yodelay is for you. Really good yogurt starts with really good ingredients. And -- to our way of thinking -- the fewer the better. Because when it comes to taste, it’s what’s inside that counts.