Ultimate Wisconsin Tailgate Cheeseboard

Ultimate Wisconsin Tailgate Cheeseboard



For Cheese Board:

For Meat Board:

Whether we're cheering on the Green Bay Packers or the University of Wisconsin Badgers, game day is always more fun with a crowd-pleasing spread of Wisconsin cheese and hearty pairings.

For cheese board:

  1. Arrange cheeses on serving board. Fill in board with celery, salami, mustard, jalapeños, pickles, eggs, pretzels and crackers.

For meat board:

  1. Add bratwursts to serving dish; place on serving board. Thinly spread brick spread onto salami slices. Top with green beans; roll up. Arrange on board. Fill in with landjaeger and beef sticks, giardiniera vegetables and crackers.

Recipe Tip

  • Any brands of Wisconsin cheeses can be used.
  • The amount of each cheese needed is determined on the size of the board you are creating.
  • Standard hard-boiled eggs can be substituted.
  • The recipe for the football cheese ball can be found here Bacon Sriracha Football Cheese Ball.