Meat and Cheese Gifts

Meat and cheese gifts: something for everyone

Is there anything that brings more joy to birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays than meat and cheese gifts? Just imagine the faces of your loved ones as they unwrap chunks of cheddar and chorizo. Or slices of swiss and soppressata. Or parcels of parmesan and prosciutto. Meat and cheese gifts are the best way to say "I want you to enjoy the finer things in life" – and to remind them that, when they're shopping for you, meat and cheese gifts are numero uno on your list.

In Wisconsin, meat and cheese gifts always include Wisconsin Cheese – which makes them doubly special. That's because Wisconsin Cheese is – may we speak candidly? – simply the tastiest, highest-quality cheese in the universe. Any present that's made with Wisconsin Cheese will surely earn this moniker: Best. Gift. Ever.

Take a look through our website to meet the cheese candidates for your artisan cheese gifts or gourmet cheese delivery. Search our index to find great recipes for birthday meals, holiday feasts, or Monday night dinner. Or scroll down for our best tips on giving meat and cheese gifts that everyone will love.

How to give meat and cheese gifts like a pro

When you want to give the gift of meat and cheese, there are plenty of options for ordering a complete package online. But if you want to make your friend's birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift basket more special and personal, consider curating your own meat and cheese gifts.

Here are a few of our favorite tips for giving meat and cheese gifts like a pro.

Cheese. The perfect meat and cheese gift includes a mix of tastes and textures. Be sure to include a hard cheese like parmesan or aged gouda, a firm cheese like sharp white cheddar or colby, a semi-soft cheese like havarti or muenster, and a soft cheese like stracchino or fresh mozzarella. You can also include specialty or artisan offerings like a smoked cheese or an herbed cheese.

Meat. For a nice sampling of cured meat, consider cured sausages like salami and chorizo, whole-muscle cuts like prosciutto and coppa, and forcemeats like duck liver mousse or a pork terrine.

Accents. To round out your meat and cheese gift basket, you'll want to add a variety of accent flavors and textures. Consider a selection of hearty crackers, nuts, jams, mustards, pickled vegetables, and dried fruits.

Wine. If you want to add wine to your meat and cheese gifts, try a bottle of riesling. With a nice balance of acidity and sweetness along with mineral and tropical fruit notes, riesling is a wine that can pair with most meats and cheeses.

Accoutrement. To complete a meat and cheese basket, consider including a beautiful wooden cutting board and a selection of cheese knives, slicers, and graters.

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What are meat and cheese gifts?

What are meat and cheese gifts?

Meat and cheese gifts are baskets or bundles of cured meats and a selection of cheeses. Meat and cheese gifts are the perfect choice for anyone in your life who appreciates fine food.

What kinds of meat and cheese can be given as gifts?

Cured meats and aged or semi-aged cheeses make the easiest gifts, as you won't need to be as careful about refrigeration. If you're giving fresh meats and fresh cheeses as a gift, you'll need to pay special attention to how to keep them cold as they're transported to the recipient.

Why everyone loves gifts of meat and Wisconsin Cheese

When you give meat and cheese gifts, you can expect your friends and family to be grateful. But when those gifts include Wisconsin Cheese, you can expect a lot more. You may hear phrases like "Best gift ever!" and "You really made my day!" and the always popular "What? Really? Oh my God! How do I—? Ha! Amazing! You're the best!"

That's because Wisconsin Cheese is truly the best cheese on earth. Our 1200 cheesemakers produce over 600 varieties, types, and styles of cheese. And they've won more than 5500 awards – more than any other state or country in the world. It's why America buys more cheese from Wisconsin than anywhere else.

So next time you're preparing your meat and cheese gifts, make sure you're giving Wisconsin Cheese. Then sit back and wait for the showers of gratitude to begin.

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