After World War II, American soldiers returned home with a taste for a delicious new food that they discovered in Italy — pizza! — which featured a cheese they’d never tried before: mozzarella. Today, mozzarella is America’s most popular cheese, and Wisconsin makes more of it than anywhere else. Our cheesemakers produce nearly 1 billion pounds of this mild and melty, irresistible cheese each year. Creamy white, pliable and delicious, we’re proud to produce America’s number one cheese for America’s favorite food (pizza). Grazie, Italy!


Creamy white, smooth and delicate.


Slightly springy and pulls apart in strands


Mild, delicate milky goodness


Cheese Image

Performance Notes

Mozzarella slices and stores easily. If you want to grate it, make sure to chill it first because it tends to gum up your grater at room temperature.

Pairing Notes

Take your pick of light beers and medium-bodied, slightly acidic wines. We’ll usually pour chianti, zinfandel, merlot, chardonnay, pinot gris or rosé if we’re popping a cork, and pilsner or weiss beer if we have a frosty mug at hand.


There’s not a lot you can’t do with mozzarella. We like to layer it with ripe roma tomatoes and pesto between slices of focaccia and either griddle or grill it until the bread is nicely charred and the mozzarella is good and melty. We also love to grate it onto pizza, baked pasta dishes and eggplant parmesan. It’s great at room temperature too, but we like it best when it’s melty and ooey gooey.