Colby-Monterey Jack

Colby isn’t something Wisconsinites are on the fence about. It was born in the Wisconsin town of Colby, and we love how lacy, tender and all-purpose it is. Colby-monterey jack, also known as colby-jack or even cojack, simply brings mild and white monterey jack into the colby fold. It’s a handsome, All-American cheese that’s marbled orange and white throughout. Both colby and jack rate high on the meltability scale. They’re also both beautifully mild and creamy. In other words, with so much in common, we had a hunch they’d get along. As we know all too well, cheeses that play together stay together!


Marbled orange and white head-turner


Semi-hard and sometimes slightly crumbly


Smooth, mellow, something-for-everyone pleaser


Cheese Image

Performance Notes

Colby-monterey jack keeps well, slices and melts beautifully and it also cubes like nobody’s business, so you’ll often spot it out in the wild on party snack trays.

Pairing Notes

You can’t go wrong with this versatile mild cheese. Honestly, drink whatever sounds best to you. Since it works so well as a colorful taco topper and quesadilla filler we’ll often reach for a Mexican lager or tequila cocktail. Pilsner, lager and pale ales are always good too.


Colby-monterey jack is easy peasy in the kitchen and super approachable. So… it’s your thing, do what you wanna do! We never shy away from including it on cheese boards, in salads, sandwiches and casseroles. If a grater is nearby -- and there should always be one close at hand -- we’ll often grate it into soups and sauces since it loves to melt.